Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have muscles there?


Helped my son move ....planned on about three hours..what was I thinking? They lived on the second floor with small doors and curvy stairs. The crew consisted of myself, my son, his girlfriend, my daughter and a couple of kids...

Guess who did all the heavy lifting and negotiating the stairs....yup just the two of us....could have used a couple more man types. Finally got them moved at about 4 pm......damn tired.

After supper went swimming....that felt great!!!


Planned on a 10 miler this morning, got up at 5:30 and found out I had new muscles in new places that were not too happy that I used them yesterday....Almost thought about just going for a swimm.

I forced my aching body out the door and figured I would just start slow and see how I felt. I actually felt pretty good but fatigued. I ran the first 5 pretty slow (9-10 min) and then forced myself to pick it up 6-10 miles with a little kick at the end.

Odd thing though, usually when I am tired, my heart rate will be high for the speed I am running. I felt pretty tired from yesterday and felt I would normally be around 145-155 for the effort I was putting in... instead I was averaging 132-144......strange..why was my heart rate so low if I was working so hard and so tired?

Anyway, I got the 10miles in .....worked my pace down to 8:30 and ran a little cooldown all before 8am.....the coffee tasted great!!

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