Friday, July 18, 2008

One last trip on the course


Ran an easy run on the Pat's course with Amanda....last time before the race. We took it easy and ran about 9:10 pace...It felt good to just breeze through the course. There was a concert in the park so lots of interference with people and traffic.

We saw a half dozen people running also...they must be getting ready for the race too. I'm feeling pretty good this year .....No real injuries other than a slightly tight right archilles and a slightly tight left ham.... neither should bother me Saturday.

My best practice run was at 40 minutes....of course I ran a second 5 mile loop at 44 minutes right after so I didn't push too hard for speed. I hope to at least do better than 38 for the race but would really like to be 37 or less. We will see what Saturday morning brings. My results will tell me what to expect for the B to B......

I will just do some swimming and cross training for the rest of the week...Maybe a short easy run if it works out I have some time.....or maybe not.

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