Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day off


Day off today which is good after that track workout yesterday. Another hot and humid day. I wasn't in the office much today and the heat sucked the energy right out of me. I kept thinking all day "just wait till I hit that pool when I get home." It is the one thing that kept me going.

I daydreamed of that cool refreshing water and the chance to put in some comfortable cross training. I left work at 5:05, it was a blistering 80, as I wiped the sweat from my face, I thought of the cool refreshing water....just couldn't that ice tea comercial they had a few years ago ....the guy takes a sip of the refreshing ice tea and it shoots to a scene with him falling in the cool pool cloths and all.....that will be me later I whispered.....

Half way home the skys darkened up and the rain drops started falling. By the time I backed in the yard, the temps had dropped at least 20 degrees, the lightning was cracking the skies and it was pooring....the rain along wouldn't stop me but the lightning...well that is different.

After dreaming all day, I had to settle for a beer and a shower....damn disapointing!

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