Monday, July 14, 2008

Gearing up for Pat's 5 miler


Combining long run with tempo training run for the 5 miler next Saturday. Ran the 5 mile loop twice to equal 10 miles. I planned the first loop at around 8 minute pace and ended up at 8:04 with a pretty good kick at the end.

The second loop I started slow to catch my breath from the sprint and figured to run around 9 minute pace. I ran about 8:55 so again right on target.

My combined pace for the 10 miles was 8:30 so a pretty tough workout. I felt it at the end. Went home and swam some loops as a cooldown.....the water felt great!

The muscles were pretty tired and my right archilles was a little sore....will have to take it easy this week so not to affect the race on Saturday.

From my recent training, it seems I should expect a time of about 38 minutes. I would love to pull off a 36 but that seems unlikely.

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