Wednesday, April 30, 2008



First track workout of the season last night. Well not really a workout as it was pouring, windy and cold. We had classroom instead and coach Bob gave an overview of his intentions. I was in awe of what I learned. This is my fourth year and damned if I don't learn something new everytime he opens his mouth. We are lucky to have this coach.

There were many types of people there from first time runners, walkers, joggers, first time racers and of regulars. I learned that down hill running is good training for fast twitch muscles, fast leg turnover and longer strides, all which help a person run faster......

After the meeting, four of us diehards decided to get a run in anyway... ran 4 very wet miles on the track. I was fatigued rather quickly and we only ran about 8:15 pace. Seemed like we were circling forever.....

This morning, my Quads are lame...esspecialy the right one....what's up with that? the track is flat ...perhaps it was from dodging the puddles, the cold or maybe just the running in circles which I haven't been doing.......

Monday, April 28, 2008

OK..So I didn't take a rest day


I was very tired all day yesterday from the race and after going to my grandaughter's dance recital, didn't get back and hit the sack until 11:30pm... I thought for sure I should call Sunday a rest day or perhaps just do an easy 3 or 4 miler in the afternoon. Decided to see what the morning plans.

Sunday morning....bam woke up at 6:30. Felt pretty good and actually not too sore or tired. Decided to hit the trails. I ran to the pit loop and planned an easy X-country run. I figured I would search around a bit and see if there were other trails to be found.

I followed one that ended at a field and a big sign that read ....access by permisson only... Oh well that is a dead end. Followed another at the pump staion and ran into a fence at the rail road track and too much water to get around the fence.

The third choice lead me to an old trail around the backside of the pit...paydirt! It looped back around to the origonal pit loop and was a nice run. I then ran down to the other pump station and found a trail that led to the first pump station. I encountered some pretty wet ground and though I got wet feet, it was not another loop to add.

I doubled back and followed a trail that led to a different spot on the rail road tracks.. This one had space around the fence and I was able to cross the tracks and keep going. This path led to Sligo road. My mind wandered as I envisioned the oppourtunity to come up with many options, from a combo road trail loop of 8-10 miles or so to a run of almost any length. Also I knew the tracks led to the begining of Sligo one way and to roue 115 the other way so I could follow the tracks all the way to rte 9, Greely road, Tuttle road and create runs of all types.

Overall I ran about 7 miles on the trails and was able to keep the pace around 9:30 so a pretty good workout that would qualify as a long run for the day. I was surprised how fresh I felt and didn't get tired until 6 miles or so. I walked a mile cooldown then sucked down a hot cup of coffee after my hot shower....overall a darn good workout.

It is amazing how much fun it is to just run where ever the trail leads. It is new and exciting nice compared to trudging down the road. is a great traffic or houses so bathroom break is a simple task.............One draw one would ever find you if something went wrong...probably a good reason to carry a cell phone...I will probably do that next time.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

safe passage race

Safe Passage race, A little chilly this morning. 36 degrees. I had trouble deciding what to wear. I know it will warm up but how much in 1 hour? Did 1 1/2 mile warm up with a long sleeve shirt and running pants. ran 8:30 pace and got quite hot except for my hands. Decided to wear shorts and a sleeveless racer for a shirt.

My plan was to start relatively fast to establish a pace to settle into and pull off a good time. The first mile at 7:10 felt really good but I felt I was probably starting too fast. I thought about slowing a bit but kept pushing forward.

Mile two felt a little tougher and that is when I hit Greeley hill. On the hill I passed a couple runners and felt I would recoupe after the crest. I did get settle in and passed the two mile mark at 14:38 (7:28 for the second mile).

I was glad to be in the third mile and tried to pick up the pace a bit (3rd split 7:23). I hoped I could hold this pace as I haven't trained my speed work yet this year. As I rounded the corner to Tuttle, I felt very strong and though winded, I felt in the zone with little doubt I could continue at this pace.

Coming up the hill before the track tiredness settled in and I struggled a little. It felt great to round the corner and hit the track.....only 300 meters left. I couldn't seem to pick up the pace like I wanted and decided to wait for the last corner to hit my kick. (last .1 was 6:40P)

I slammed into my kick (6:10)and passed three people at the end. It was a great race and I felt I did everything right.....the finish time ....22:41 (7:19 pace) Very happy with that time. I had hoped to at least beat my 23:30 from last year. I wasn't sure I could do it but quite happy I did. The clothing choice was perfect.

My right hip and ham was pretty tight so I opted to walk a cooldown instead of run it. At this time I felt I would see how I felt in the morning before I decided wether to run or not.....probably not.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

x-country training


Ran x-country at Pineland . My plan was to run a 10K (double loop of the 5k course)
The first loop I wanted to keep the heart rate below 150 and then pick it up on the second loop to 160 and create a negative split.

The course was pretty dry with only a few wet and deep muddy spots. I could negotiate arround most of the crap. The Northface trail runners were perfect and my feet didn't get wet like Twinbrook the other day.

The first loop felt very easy and my heart rate average was 145 with the peak at 152. It was time consuming to monitor the heart rate and keep it that low. It made a little difficult to settle in to a pace.

I picked it up and kicked at the end of the first 5k then stopped to suck down some electrolites.
It actually felt good to pick it up in the second loop though I did walk one hill to keep the Heart rate to the range I wanted.

The second loop heart rate averaged 153 with a max of 165. The pace felt much more comfortable though I was quite winded. I settled in much better and didn't seem to have to monitor my watch quite as much. I felt great and had a decent kick at the end of this loop.

The Garmen put me at 6.64 which could be a little off as I lost signal a couple times in the woods. The nike registered 7.95 miles but that is not acurate either because my stride was much shorter than normal with the slower pace.

I am calling it 6.95 as I ran the 5k loop with an extra .2 to .3 thrown in. My splits were 9:46, 9:39, 9:16 (3.4 kick @7:36) 9:17, 9:42, 8:51, 7:27 end kick. A finish time of 1:08:35 puts my overall pace for the run at 9:52. The pace is slower than the splits because I stopped after the first loop and wasted a minute or so.

I had planned to run the 25K around 9:30 pace (about 1.5 minute per mile slower than road running a 25K) but after this run of less than half the distance, I think I might have to regroup that thinking and shoot for a little slower pace. Pineland is definately a much tougher course than Twinbrooks.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sun 4/20/08

When I woke up at 7:00, I knew it was going to be a tough day....we didn't get back from Boston until 2am and I felt very tired......wasn't sure if I wanted to run x-country today...maybe I would just do an easy 5 miler?

Well My son showed up...(not the one in Boston) He was on his way to North Carolina on vacation and wanted to see us before he left ....oh.. and ask me to take care of the animals.....
So I didn't make it on any run this morning...

Well at about 11:00, the sun was was a beautifull day and I couldn't stand it any longer..I geared up for my long run. I needed some x-country time before the 25K in May...I ran down to Twinbrooks and hit the trails. The weather was perfect.

I was supprised to see some lingering snow on the course but unlike Pineland, it was solid and pretty easy to run on (well except for the hills, that was a little slippery). I felt great and I kept the pace even. There was a fair amount of water and I did get my feet pretty wet but it didn't bother me much.

This was a great work out though not as tough as pineland. I could feel the effects of my core workouts as my form stayed strong and I didn't tire as much as I expected. I felt good about this run as it showed me how far I have come in training. I ran about 11 miles total (5.5 of it on the trails). Hopefully I will feel this good on raceday!

I plan on doing my speed workout at Pineland on Tuesday and then will take it easy the rest of the week in prep for the Safe Passage race on Saturday.

Just trying to get a run in

Sat 4/19/08

I spent all morning looking for my Redsox tickets! I remembered putting them in a safe place....and boy did I! I finally broke down and drove to work...just in case I brought them there.....well there they were and I was some relieved as I already bought the train tickets and only had two hours left before we had to leave.

I had planned to do my long run this morning but that was shot to hell because of my ability to hide things really well! I did get in a "pit loop" run and a good cooldown so I wasn't completely dissapointed. I will have to do my long x-country run tomorrow.

The train ride to Boston was really nice. It was our first time on the train and it sure was more relaxing than driving. We met my Son and went to this great place for lunch...they brew their own beer abd I got to sample a good variety of brew along with my roasted chicken/cheddar/bacon sandwitch.

From there it was a tightly packed T ride to Kenmore and an easy 5 minute walk or so to Fenway. There were so many people.....I started worrying about the return trip....The train leaves at 11:15 and with all these people.....well could be a long night!

The game was Great!! Of course the Sox won and that was good as they did not have to play the last 1/2 inning.......problem was the crowd was massive and it seemed like we didn't move for hours.....finally made it to the subway and I was so glad to get on and head back to North Station.

My happiness was short lived as the T kept shutting down...when that happened the lights would go out and everyone was pissed....finally after shutting down three times in the middle of nowhere....the conducter announced that we would not be going to North Station and everyone was getting out at Park street....only about half way there.

After getting out we fought the crowds and finally got on a car heading to North Station. I am now full of knowledge ....a full car of drunk people and a well delivered fart does not make a fun top it off, it was a girl and she was damn proud..I now know first hand what a Sardine feels like! We got off the T at was a mad dash to the train station....and my wife said she couldn't run.......she proved herself wrong....anyway to our glee....the train was still sitting there....we jumped on and in seconds it was moving....sure glad they didn't play the last half inning!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally got to run!


It sucks being at the equpiment show, sunny, 60-70 degrees and I can't get a run in. But finally tonight I got home early enough to do it.

Ran a speed up 5 miler with a 1.5 mile cool down. I worked on core and form through out and tried to pick it up as I went along. Felt good and I averaged 7:55 pace with a great kick @ 5:56

Tried a new 5 mile loop that included 3 good size hills, a couple small hills, a mile or so on dirt roads and a good flat at the finish for a good kick. One large hill in the two mile and 2 in the 4 mile portion of the run...perfect placing.

I think I will run this many more times as it seems perfect for training. I might add in Oakhill (should be called killer hill)if I feel I need more hill workouts.....that will then equal about a 10k.

Either Sat or Sun depending on work, I plan on a long run x-country....I will probably do it Saturday but I hope I don't get so worn out that I can't saty awake for the ball game.
We are going down to Boston Saturday night for a sox game....looking forward to that!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

long run

wanted to do a long run of 8 or so today. Amanda was running an 8 miler too...I think she wanted to run together but I wanted to speed it up a bit. Amanda was running the sligo loop so I decided to run it in reverse.

My plan was to run reverse at a good pace until I met with Amanda, (I figured 5 or 6 miles) then turn and run with Amanda for 5 or 6 miles at a easier pace, thus pulling off a 10 or 12 miler.

I met Amanda at mile six, finished off with a decent kick. Amanda was surprised to see me! I turned and ran 6 miles back to the start.

The first 6 miles my pace was 8:02 and a kick of 6:57. The final 6 miles @ 8:48 pace and a good speedup to kick of 6:33 pace.Very tiring but satisfiying run.

Overal pace 8:22 for the whole run.

I didn't plan on it being that hard

April 12, 2008

Planned on running a long (6-7 mile) run at pineland. I figured the trail to be wet,soft and muddy. What I found was packed snow with a very loose granular surface. It was so tough to run on and the slipping of my feet caused an off balance and some pain in my right hip. I was happy with the new northface running shoes. They are pretty grippy and I wonder if I would have been able to run at all on this surface with my regular shoes. Pace was 9:50

I decided to cut the run short as I became so winded and tired from the snow surface. Definately not what I expected.

I drove home and ran the Safe Passage loop with my daughter. It felt very good and I had no pain at all. glad I ran again today. pace 9:17.

I plan on running a long run of 8 miles or so tomorrow we will see how the legs feel

Friday, April 11, 2008

I need speed

Ran a good training run last night. One of my usual loop, the 3.2 loop. It measured 3.16 and I decided to run it at race pace to see where I am in training as I have a 5K coming up. I felt pretty tired and winded in the first half mile. My pace was 7:33 so I was pretty happy with that.

By the time I reached a mile, I was feeling better and more settled in. Mile 2 was tougher of course as it is the dirt part that starts as a long gradual up hill and then a pretty good hill at the end.

Legs were feeling pretty heavy by the time I crested the hill (7:46 pace)and my mind searched reasons to stop. This told me I was probably running at about my max. Caught my wind on the flat and ran the last mile at 7:10 pace.

Finished with a pretty good kick (6:38P) and I knew that was all I had. My time of 23:30 is acceptable and I am quite happy with that. After a .1 walk to catch my breath I finished off with a 1.22 pickup run.

This is not a measured distance, but I can compare for training purposes as I have run this loop many times. This is a pretty good time for this loop. I hope to get two or three more "race pace"
runs in before the 5K.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

speed work

When I got home last night, I somehow got stuck in a mudhole right in the middle of my yard....after finally getting out, 45 minutes later, I didn't feel like the "race pace" 3 miler I had planned for my speed workout tonight.

So I dragged myself down to the treadmill for a simple training run.......after a little warmup I felt good and ended up doing intervals. I mixed it up with 200s, 400s, and 800s all with a kick at the end. did 11 intervals ......low and behold I accomplished a speed workout! I spun off a short cooldown and left feeling pretty happy with the workout.

Sometimes you just have to start by putting one foot in front of the other and see what happens.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beach running

I ran a 10 miler on the sunset beach, Treasure Island Florida. It was 89 degrees and the sand was not only hot but soft. I wasn't sure I could pull off a long run in the sand and heat but I made it. My pace ended up being around 8:40 so I was pretty happy. The greatest part was hitting the water right after the run and swimming my cooldown!

I was able to get in all my scheduled runs during vacation though I didn't do much speed workouts. I sure did a lot of running in 88-92 degree weather though. There is something really nice about runnning on the beach.