Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Easy workout


Sunday is usually my long run day and as many know I don't like to be predictable. So after the tough full body workout yesterday on the trails, Though I had tired muscles, I felt I needed to work them some. I decided to run easy on the tread mill.

So I turned on a movie and proceeded to run a fairly easy pace while watching a show. It was actually quite nice, I only wore racing shorts and my new Trail Monsters singlet. I probably looked quite funny all dressed as a racer but leisurely
jogging with no cares what so ever.

I watched Spiderman 2 which is quite eventfull so I felt even lazier than normal jaunting along on the treadmill. Spiderman is being thrown against a buiding and I am ....La..lala...lala....ing ever so easy and comfortable....I almost laughed out loud.

I kicked off 5 miles and I felt great! No tightness, no fatigue...almost invigerated...actully I felt ready to suit up and get in my long run afterall... Of couse it only took seconds for me to talk myself out of that foolish idea and instead, I slowed the tread down even more and worked out with 5 lb hand weights at the same time.

It actually is a pretty good workout to walk fast or jog slow while using hand weights...kind of a whole body workout. So I finished the movie, took a shower and felt great all day! It feels so good to know your workout is behind you and the whole day is ahead of you.

I didn't rush around, I went to my daughters and put some plastic up on her windows then went to my son's and helped (showed) him put some plastic on his windows, ate some lunch and settled in for the Patriots game...which they won....so overall a very good day.

Next week is going to be somewhat diferrent as I won't have much time to run...I figure it will be a step back week and probably kick off a couple long runs on the weekend. Problem with my job is I still have to get a weeks worth of work done in three days........at least then I have four days off.

5 miles 5% incline @10:30 pace
25 minutes fast walking with hand weights
lazy the rest of the day

Monday, November 24, 2008

Only When The Mind And Body Agree


It started as day dreams and my mind embelished the thought of running a great new trail this weekend. In my foolish mind, I embraced the trail with relentless vigor and energy. There was no hill too tall or trail too technical. The feeling was unforgettable as my mind and body finally agreed. I am sure you all have had this kind of run. Unstopable energy, Floating over the trails on a cusion of soft fluffy air, embracing the base of the largest hill with the attidute of a mountain goat, free floating down the other side knowing that it would only take a pair wings to become airborn.

It was the identical daydream all week and each time the end result was the same. Oh how I longed for that moment. The anticipation, my perceived perfection,the feeling like that of Santa's arrival and the treasures he would bring.

Somehow I didn't remember the month layoff, the thought of 10 extra pounds was corralled to the very rear of my mind, the lingering soreness of the hip surgery a mere faded memory as it floated away dissapearing into the sky like a rolling smoke ring.

Then, Saturday morning rolls around. The feeling of my daydream still lingers but the realization of my current condition wraps it's ugly head around my neck squeezing gently at first but becoming tighter and stronger as I pack my running bag.

I always pack to much, I guess just not knowing how I will feel when I get there, how many layers I may need. That is the drawback of our weather patterns in Maine. You never really know. It is 18 degrees and extremely windy when I drive out onto the street but it could be totally different when I arrive in Topsham.

I am the first to arrive. This is a common as I can't stand the thought of being late. Finally after 30 plus years of marriage, my wife has resigned to being an early arriver because it seems I will never change. I step out of the truck and am imediately hit with a strong freezing wind. This run will surely require some extra layers.

The run today at the Cathance River Nature Reserve was to be a 10 miler (or so) I was not suprised to hear a few threaten of twice that amount. Though an avid daydreamer, I am very realistic when the moment arrives. When Ian asked about my plan of attack, I was quick to assure him that I would play it by ear. Not knowing the nature of the trails along with my layoff, it was anyones guess when the "wall" would slam it's ugly head into my chest.

I was glad to hear that Mindy also planned a shorter run today. I finally put some faces with names and blog writers. Funny how the brain perceives, they always look diffent than you vision. The runners today were Jamie,Jeff,Mindy, Ryan, Danielle,chuck,Blaine, Ian and Scott. A pretty good showing for such a blistery day.

Jamie reminded me so much of my youngest son as he huddled in the warm car seemingly until the last minute, peaking up over the back seat, watching the rest of us shiver in the wind. Suddenly as if a switch was turned, he climbed out of the car and was jumping around with reckless excitement, anxiously awaiting his fight with the trail.

Scott's description of the first mile being an easy jog to the trail head was shadowed by a gusting wind, patches of ice and the realization that my body had decided to disagree with my mind. It fought every little hill with heavy breathing and soft legs. The uneasy feeling of failure was steadily creeping into my mind.

It seems they all took turns to assure my success. Mindy hung back with me for the first mile and a half, Ian doubled back once to be sure we weren't lost (though we almost were). In mile two my breath finally seemed to stabilize a bit. Chuck was appearantly taking his turn to help me along as we had a chance to talk a bit.

Chuck has an awesome blog and it is one of the many I enjoy reading. In mile three I was feeling pretty darn good, Chuck had rejoined the leaders at this point and Jeff came running back the trail. He gave the appearance of just backtracking for pleasure but I suspect he was secretly making sure I hadn't collapsed and fallen into the river.

The run along the river was perfect. I actually had warmed up enough to shed my coat and gloves. Though the trail was technical and quite tough, I enjoyed the scenery around me. The rolling river, the cool air fighting the sweat beads on my face, the trees reaching out and trying to veer me off my course. I think at mile 3.5
I was actually living my daydream not caring wether I was lagging or not.....just enjoying what nature has brought me at that very moment.

Suddenly I noticed Ryan running back to check on me. I assured him I was OK and could find my way. He then did this amazing job of staying just in my view. Far enough ahead to see the others but lagging just enough to allow me a sight of his bright coat. I would see flickers of his structure out of the corner of my eye and that convinced me I was going the right way.

The hill in mile four was the toughest so far as I actually had to walk a portion of it. It was then that the memory of just a mere half mile ago was fading fast. Did I really feel that good 4 short minutes ago or was I so fatigued that i was deaming? Whatever it was, it was surely gone now.

Finally I broke through the wooded area and came upon the trail Monsters discussing the run so far. I had a chance to talk to Blaine a bit as he asked about my injury. It was actually the first time we spoke in person as it is usually through his blog. Scott asked my opinion of the river trail and I honestly must admit how nice it really was. I swear it was 20 degrees warmer back there.

This is where the Trail Monsters continued on as Mindy and I negotiated the trail back to the start. I felt so lucky to have mindy there to help drag my sissy ass body back to the parking lot. Of course I couldn't seem to shut up. Surely she felt she had heard enough and was just as excited to see the end of the trail as I was to stop running.

It retrospect, I supose I bit off a little bigger bite than my condition warranted but I wouldn't trade the morning for anything. It sometimes takes a challenge to remind a person of their capabilities and goals. I needed this run, I needed a kick in the butt, I needed the humbling experience as a relative means to gage my future

A person could not run with a better group of people. It was the highlite of my weekend......well that and the Patriots winning!

6.5 miles
tough and technical trails
10:14 pace
Av HR 153 max 164
xtremly cold but very scenic

Friday, November 21, 2008

I did it again


Well I did it again...I opted for the warm lit up cellar rather than a run outside. To my defense, I got home very late and barely had time to get the run in. Actually I have yet to use my headlamp....one of these nights I will make it happen reguardless.

I planned another hill run and set the tread on #8 grade for the first 1/2 mile then down to 5% for the remainder of the 3 mile run. I planned negative splits and actually felt quite strong.

After the 3 mile run I kicked off a few speed intervals and then a cooldown run with hand weights. For an indoor workout, I was fairly satisfied as the core muscles felt the consequences of the workout.

That is one thing I do like about the treadmill, working the upper body with weights while jogging at a slow speed. It forces the core muscle to work similar to trail running (well except for the ankles which get no work at all).

Looks like I am not working Saturday which gives me the opourtunity to jump at a chance to run with the Trail Monsters......looking forward to that.

3 (plus) miles @27:04
1m 9:04
2m 7:56
3m 7:42
kick@ 7:35
1 mile jogging working on upperbody.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Different scenery

Tuesday (night)

The feeling was a little depressing as I opened the cellar door instead of the front door. The trip down the stairs and to the tread mill not quite as exilarating as a run outdoors.

I set up to do 3x 1mile repeats and to recalibrate my nano (new pod) with some 400s.
Again the treadmill seemed to continue it's lazy lifestyle by refusing to run properly. it reminded me of the kids when I would ask them to do something on a day when they just didn't feel like it. The apearant non understanding of my desires were prominent.

This was no different, I plugged in the treadmill and the incline just keep climbing all by itself. I hit down and it stopped climbing but then started going down and not stopping until it hit bottom. Once at the bottom it keep (trying) to go lower and not allowing the system to start up.

I fought with this for at least 10 minutes and after kicking the damn thing it miraculously started working right. The track lights suddenly blinked on and it waited patiently for my to punch in my requirements. Good thing because I was about to give up and do a bike ride instead.

I had this same problem a couple times last winter and actually chalked it up as a fluke. Now I think the darn thing is just plain getting old. Another problem I have with it, is sometimes when I set my speed (above 7) it decides I am not running fast enough and it creeps up in speed until it tops out between 9 and 10 .... you know by then I am hanging on for dear life! Everyone say "Sprint training"

Perhaps the thing is possessed or something. Anyway to get back to my workout, I started with 3 x 1 mile repeats --negative splits and during the second one I realized there was not much to look at while running. I missed the trail and all it's variety.

I do have a small 13" TV and the news was blaring (treadmill is quite loud) but I'm looking around. There is a (snap on)clock on the wall that was given to me from one of the guys at work. I had planned on putting it out by the pool but it was last christmas and I needed a clock down in the workout room so there it sits waiting for better accomadations.

The cement wall raises up 4 feet and above that is exposed insulation because of a
failed plan of a sheetrock covering (one on those someday things) A fridge sits in the corner full of nothing..... funny I planned on keeping some beer and water in there but I never seem to bring more than one bottle downstairs for a workout. It is plugged in though and biting at the bit to serve me and my family.

I noticed there is not one chair for anyone to sit in. I guess if you are not rowing, biking, working out with weights or running then you are not allowed...apearantly no room for spectators.

In the next room I can see the little orange light on the de-humidifier. I wonder how long that has been on? It indicates that the tank is full and needs dumping. I quickly remember it was on a couple nights ago too....mental note;dump the water when I am done tonite.

That particular room is completely sheetrocked and painted. It is full of all kinds of storage; bikes, old workout stuff, 4 or 5 sets of golf clubs, kids old toys, suitcases,a folding table, boots and shoes, clothing, crates full of something that seemed worth saving at the time they were packed years ago (but who knows what is in them)

I find my mind wandering, and thinking why didn't I clean out that room and put the workout stuff in there? It is completely finished. If only it wasn't so full of stuff. I guess I was just to lazy at the time to clean all that "important" things
and besides where would I put it.

Above me is unfinished, the rafters are exposed and they make a great storage space. I have all kinds of things stuck up there. three pairs of cross country skis, hockey sticks (both real and plastic), misc golf clubs that no longer belong to a complete set, A broom, misc pieces of wood trim I was saving for some reason, a couple baseball bats, two volleyball nets, a hedge trimmer, some copper pipe left over when I was replacing the water heater...then I stopped looking, my neck was getting stiff....but there is much more stuff up there.

I guess it would be easy for newcomers to see that I had kids, all their junk is still here. I should give some of this stuff away. well some stuff is mine too. I hate to get rid of it, someone might need it some day.

Well I finish my 3x1 miles then run 4 400s to calibrate my new pod. I wasn't going to calibrate it but read so far off on Sunday that my mile splits were messed up. Funny, 50 minutes went by before I knew it and at the same time I refreshed my memory of why we have cellars....we need a place to put all that junk we are not using at the time!

Just as I crested the top step and opened the door I realized I didn't dump the de-humidifier.....Oh well I'll get it the next time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running with the boys


My youngest son came home from Boston for the weekend. His birthday was the 14th and his mother planned a little get together for him. Little did she know, he actually came home for a couple of runs with dad on something other than cement.

We planned a 3.2 mile fast loop (well fast for me anyway) and a longer 8 mile loop on Sunday. I had to work Saturday morning and he called as he seemed quite anxious for me to get home.

We would rather had run on trails but being Saturday and hearing gun shots in the distance, we decided it would be better to stay on the road. This particular 3.2 loop is on secondary roads with a stretch of dirt, a good mix of two quick tall hills and two long gradual hills with a slight downhill that makes for a fast finish.

It was pouring on my way home in the early afternoon but by the time we dressed for the run it was just misty with a rolling fog cover. Somehow I made the mistake of over dressing and labored through the run being much too hot.

The last hill was taking it's toll on me as my breath never seemed to quite be enough to satisfy my cravings. It seemed even worse as my son breezed up the last hill while commenting, "hey this hill is much easier than I remember"

I answered back in very short broken sentences, "yeah.....just...wait... until tomorrow....after .....running 7 miles.....gasp..gasp) I guess I meant that this is actually only half a hill the way we run it as the dirt road breaks out about halfway up this quite steep and very long hill.

Tomorrow our 8 mile loop will bring us to the base of this hill at about mile 6.5 and after two other quite tall hills. I squeaked out a little laugh right before I realized I would be running the long hill with him.....damn we sure better slow the pace down for the run tomorrow.

I felt much better after we crested the hill but I must have still seemed marginal as he offered to slow down if I wanted to. I refused, I wanted to get a speed workout and that is what I would do.

Funny because a month ago this speed would have been more like a training run....anyway today it is surely a speed workout. I started feeling stronger and by the time I hit a half mile to go and the very welcome slightly downhill grade, I was on top of things. My stride felt better and my breath controlled.

I managed a small kick at the end and then tried to catch my breath on the cooldown.

3.2 miles @8:23 pace
av HR 145, max 169
50 degrees and misty fog.


I usually get out early on Sundays for my run but my son wanted to sleep in before running and I had some leaves left to rake at my mother's so I went there first which managed to deplete my energy stores considerably.

Upon return just a bit before lunch time, we suited up for our run, this time I was careful to dress a little chilly for the start and my oldest son decided to join us. I was anxious to do a long run as I havn't been able to get many runs in since the layoff. I wanted to see how much base I lost in the process.

It was like old times running with two of the boys though I knew I would be slowing them down. It started out really easy and comfortable. The pace was perfect for talking and they both seemed quite content to blab away rather than speed up.

The weather seemed perfect and I warmed up after the first mile to a very managable pace. We talked about some of their meets when they were in school and remenised about track days. It made me wish I had run track in High school. I had no stories to tell.

In the first three miles there are three good size hills and I felt fine on the first two but labored a bit on the third. I was glad to crest it and get a nice flat forth mile to re-coupe. That didn't go as well as planned, when we turned the corner it was into a good sized head wind. Where the hell did that come from?

I was feeling tired in 4 and 5 but seemed to catch a second wind in the 6th. I talked smack about the large long hill at 6.5 and how I was going to power up the thing and then sprint all the way to the finish.

The boys laughed as if they knew something I didn't ..... and they did. Once I started climbing the hill, maybe a quarter of the way up my second wind blew away...
That's right, what bad manners huh? I was left with a laboring breath and very little talking on my part.

The boys kind of forgot about me and around half way up, one of them looked back and noticed me lagging a bit. I could see him thinking that perhaps they should wait up. Having no part of them feeling sorry for me, I did the stupidest thing I could think of...... I took a deep breath and began picking up the pace...almost a hill sprint of sorts.

I caught up to them and they didn't seem to notice I had used every ounce of energy I could muster to accomplish the sprint. They just keep talking and powering the hill. To my surprise I kept up with their (easy) pace and finally crested the top with a sigh of relief.

I was feeling tired but refreshed and strong at the same time. I was working a controlled hard breathing and had no doubt I could continue this until the end, besides there was only 1.5 miles to go and only one more small hill.

1/2 mile to go and I started picking up the pace (which is normal for me) and at .1 I worked in my kick. Right to the end and still picking up speed. It felt great. Overall I was very happy with this run. Almost felt normal, I am so glad I picked up the pace on the hill, it reminded me that our mind is in control not our body.

I was convincing myself that there was nothing there and I was done but picking up the pace allowed me to get a little more oxygen flowing and actually became stronger for the finish.

I assume the boys held back on the kick so I would be in front at the finish...hey I guess I brought them up right! We walked a mile cooldown and then enjoyed a nice warm meal after showering.

I am actually quite content with the 8 mile run. The course is fairly difficult, I finished strong and the average pace was respectable.

8 miles @ 9:15 pace
45 degrees overcast and windy.
143 average Heart rate and 159 max.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trudging forward


I sat down yesterday and started devising my training plans for the spring. I will spend this late fall and winter to establish a solid cardio base for the spring. In the past I really never did this, I would take November/ December off and then crank up with as much running and snowshoeing as I could fit through the winter but not really any plan per-say.

I think I have to follow something so I don't end up starting spring with an injury or not being prepared enough for the speed workouts. I would very muck like to PR the Irish Rover 5K in the spring. It would be a good start for the year.

I thought I was doing quite well last year as I ran a half marathon in Arizona (non competetive--pacing my daughter) I ran a 10 miler in Febraury and ended up doing OK as far as pace goes and splits. I was training for the 25K X-country race at pineland.

I realize now that I didn't plan very well for last spring even though "on paper" it seems I did. One thing I have lacked in the past is good solid base miles. I would always end up running too fast and fatiguing my body.

I plan on doing better this year and part of that is running longer and slower in preparation for the Pineland 50K. I have to keep my mind off speed for a couple months and just get time in on my feet running and walking.

I assume that my entries will be geared more toward the fun I get from running rather than the excitement of how far near the front I finish or speed. This will be different for me though I have not had the speed I am used to for the last year anyway. I expect it will not bother me as much because of the type of race I am training for. I guess we will see.

I ran on the treadmill again last night. Actually I started with a few miles on the bike for warmup and then ran. Again I felt running on a higher incline allowed me to work a little harder without pushing the speed.

I finished the workout with some upper body weight work. I really enjoyed the workout as I had no expectations other than getting in some running. I like my attitude right now and am anxious to get out for a long run this weekend.

Unlike most people I talk to, I am dying for snow, I have the snowshoes cleaned up and ready to go.......Come on Snow!!!

3 miles on the bike @ 120rpms
3 miles on the treadmill 8% incline
cooldown walk.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Treadmill workout

November 12, 2008

Well, I tried the treadmill tonite and the darn thing worked. I guess it just had a tempermental fit as I ran 3 x 1 mile repeats with fluxuating inclines to simulate hills. The first mile was totally run at 10% incline. The other two fluxuating.

The first mile I think I over did it a bit as I ran on 10% incline for the whole mile at a pretty good pace. After that the other 2 miles were much tougher and ended up progressively slower.

I finished with a half mile cooldown and some weight work for upper body and core. Overall I was fairly satisfied with the workout tonite and tomorrow I will shoot for maybe intervals or a longer run.

I think there is something wrong with our scale though....I usually weight myself before and after a workout to monitor fluid needs and tonite I gained 3 lbs...????

mile 1 7:51 pace
mile 2 10:42 pace
mile 3 11:02 pace

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slow Comeback

I feel fat and lazy! My comeback from surgery seems to be a tougher climb than I imagined. It was only three weeks but I feel I have slid so much. My speed is non existant and the cardio is working overtime.

Besides that my schedule has made it very difficult to get my runs in and even crosstraining. I am temped to pick up a stationary unit for my bike so I can work on leg speed during the week.

I have been working 12 hours a day which does not help and two of my kids had car problems that I worked on in the last week. And.........my treadmill is definately come down with a virus or something. It actually has not worked right since I wiped off the summer dust.

I don't mean to whine.......well I guess I do...it is hell when something disrupts a great season of running....the fall is usually my best times.....I plan on a long run sometime this weekend and hopefully that will get me back on track.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Long Day

Sunday morning and I have already been on the road for an hour or so. When I left it was misty and overcast after having rained all night. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the magnificant sun rising.

Not only did it mean My day would be a sunny one but there is something exciting about seeing the sun rise to greet your on comming day. I am on my way to Boston Ma to meet up with my son.

Our plan is to get a run in on what he described as a hill course, then drive to Dedham to catch the Patriots train to Gillett stadium. My son is a Bills fan and of course I am Patriots. I got some great seats (second row up at the goal post) and we were both excited.

My son lives in Boston and runs these streets everyday. He keeps talking about the massive hill course he devised and though it is only 3 miles, he usually runs it twice then a cool down.

He describes this long hill making up the total of mile one and then a huge hill at the begginning of mile two. After acomplishing that the last mile is rolling and down hill. I felt pretty confident when we started out as I run a pretty good size hill at home and I didn't figure this would compare.

Well, the first thing that I noticed, is the cement was so hard. we had to run mostly on the sidewalk because of traffic and the cement seemed so ungiving especially since I run 60% on trails.

The first mile was dragging me down and my legs definately remembered the 5 miles I ran yesterday morning. I could feel the rustiness of my current condition. I sucked it up though and managed to weather the storm of a first mile all up hill. Total grade according to the garmen was 6% which is not too shabby when running on sidewalks.

I was just starting to feel I was warming up and catching some breath when we hit the botton of "the hill". This was a monster of a hill that rose 8% leveled at a road crossing then jumped up to 12% grade. Damn, this was a big hill! Watching for traffic half way up really sucks when all my body wanted to do was find some oxygen somewhere.

I was so glad to crest that hill. Though it was similar in grade as the Oakhill that I run, it was actually a little shorter overall. The thing that made this tough was the constant uphill grade for a mile preceeding and the break in stride at the road crossing half way up. That and my dead legs from yesterdays run.

The slight level and down hill grade of the next half mile was nice and once my breath caught up with me, I let me son know he was right, that hill does suck.
The finish was great as it was a quarter mile downhill. I felt so good, I almost opted for a second loop.

I knew I would be on my feet alot and it was going to be a long day at the game so I'm actually glad I didn't attempt a second loop. We went back to the apartment, grabbed a shower, hit Dunkin Donuts for a much needed coffe then headed for Dedham.

The idea of parking in Dedham and taking the train to the game ended up being a very smart one. The parking was only two dollas and the train twelve dolloars round trip. Much cheaper than parking at the stadium and no traffic to worry about.

The game was fantastic and our seats row 2 behind the goal posts were amazing. I am sure we were on tv a couple times and if only they didn't put up that net, we could have caught one of the fieldgoal balls.

We had a lot of fun and even though I was excited about the game, my son was a little bummed because he was rooting for the Bills. It felt good to get on the train and not have to fight hours of traffic after the game. I just sat down and
relaxed....my feet enjoyed that!

I then watched the sun go down as I had visions of so long ago (this morning) watching the same sun rise. It seemed like a different day all together. Some days are just destined to be a good memory.

Saturday: 5 mile run:
8:57 pace
drizzle and overcast.

Sunday: Damn hill 3 mile run
9:03 pace
Sunny with a chilly breeze

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Somehow, I was reminded of the "trees" I encountered when hiking in Arizona. This Cactus is extremely old.


I didn't run Tuesday, for some reason I just didn't feel like it. So I ran Wednesday instead. It was totally dark when I got home and supper was ready so I thought I would run some speed workout on the treadmill.

I knew it might be tough as the treadmill has been acting up when my daughter tried using it the other day. I figured I would give it a try and see what was wrong. Well it starts up good but then shuts down for no apearant reason.

It didn't affect me too much as I was running some sprints anyway. It seemed strange as 2 months ago I would have considered this speed a cooldown and not speed work. I can't believe how much I lost in just three weeks!

I ran 2 miles speed work (in the 8 minute pace range ..uuugg) and then a cooldown, A 5 minute fast walk on 10 incline and then some upper body and core workout with hand weights. Actually felt preety good about the workout.

It felt good to be just working out with no interuptions and no one talking about the election....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

long run workout

November 2 2008

My first long run today and I decided to hit some difficult trails for some solid core and ankle workout. I knew it would be a slower pace than normal but felt it would be a good gauge to figured where my fitness is after surgery.

I ran one of my favorite loops around the pit but this time adding in the much more technical and difficult left side with the addition of the water pipeline. Immediately I could feel the difference as my core muscles began working on the tight single trails and the need to dodge obstructions.

This was a good test for the stability of my new Brooks Cacadias and they did very well. I think I only rolled my left foot twice with no pain or problems. I picked Sunday to make sure I would not be mistaken for a deer....not that I would run that fast but more because of itchy trigger fingers.

As I ran up the right side of the pit I was startled by loud gun shot. This pit is a restricted area that allows no guns but that doesn't seem to stop people. The scary part is that the person shooting the gun does know I am here and who knows what direction he is shooting.

Perhaps he is very safety concious and just aiming at a target in the pit or maybe he is stupid and shooting up into the woods.....who knows. I was actually quite scared as he shot several times in a row very fast....not what one would normally do when concentrating on a target and easily squeezing the trigge for acuracy.

I crested the pit hill,turned out onto the road and headed toward Oakhill for the hill workout and the technical forest trail part of my run. I wondered if I would see the left behind deer guts of last week but figured some animal had probably dragged that off by now.

The Oakhill was quite difficult and I was totally winded as I crested the top. I turned around and hit the Forest trail this time running in reverse. It looked so different this way and by the time I looped around and was climbing back up the hill, I suddenly became completely drained and was at the end of my wind. My legs felt totally dead and my core was sore.

Perhaps I pushed to much as the incision area above the hip began hurting a little also. I decided to cut the run shorter than the 10 miles I planned and hit the mushroom trail. Only instead of running this trail and looping back I would just hit the road and head home.

I did take a little detour at the top of the trail to the town pit just to see if there was a trail there and if I could add some milage to this loop. I did some trail blazing and found a dirt trail that looped around the top of the pit. I decided to turn back and explore further some other day.

The one mile or so run on the road back home was quite inviting and comfortable. I settled into a pretty good pace and actually ended on a high note as I sprinted to baston road and the finish of my run.

I was dismayed to find a small dead deer at the end of that road across form my house. Appearanty it had been hit during the night and no one called it in. I used to see this deer with it's sister and mother almost daily as they walked through my yard to eat fallen apples.

I guess I can't teach them to look both ways when crossing the road which they did twice a day so getting hit was probably inevidable. I was pooped from the run but still felt good about the workout.

As a cooldown, I went hiking at twinbrooks with my wife, daughter and her pup. It was a good way to cooldown.

7.2 miles
mixture or technical trails, dirt road, hills and new trails.
150 average Heart rate
169 peak Heart rate (oakhill)
average pace 10:07
last mile 7:58