Tuesday, July 22, 2008

long (tired) run

I guess I am not the only one on the trails today.


I decided last night to get my long run in today reguardless of the fact that I raced yesterday. I figured it would be good training to run tired as I could pace as slow as needed to guard against injury. My thought was to get in around 10 miles.

I felt a lttle fatigued when I woke up but the thought of not running didn't even cross my mind. I geared up, drank some Heed and hit the road. It was a beautiful morning at 7am, sun was beaming and was already feeling pretty hot out. I figured the pool would feel quite refreshing when I return.

My plan was to do some easy road miles and I started out pretty easy. I ran down Doughty and then Greeley....as I neared the entrance to twin brooks my thoughts turned to trail running. I longed for the woods and decided to detour in and hit a few trails.

I didn't plan on encoutering so many deer flies. They seemed to really love the smell of my sweat today. I am sure I looked quite funny as I ran through the woods swatting around my head with both hands. I did however kill 8 or 10 of those buggers but re-inforcements keep coming. I could almost hear their bugle player anouncing the charge!

All and all the trip through the woods was pretty tiring as the hills began to wear me down. After about 2 miles, I decided to hit the road again and outrun those pesky flies.

The trip up Tuttle road seemed long and the last hill sucked the energy from me. I was glad I was nearing home and decided to cut my run short to 8.5 miles. It was time for a cooling swim.

I started out @ 9:55 pace and finished @9:01 so it seems I didn't overdue things too much.

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