Thursday, June 26, 2008

track is getting intense


Started with 1.5 mile warmup reverse track...
The thunder and lightning off in the distance threatened through the whole workout but never got close enough for us to quit

Track workouts are getting more intense! We started with stretching and form run as usual. Then off to the flights of stairs for eight sprints up them. Then right to the hill for 8 downhill sprints progressing to full speed.

Ok...Now I'm tired ....Off to the track workout. 400-800-1200-1600 @ 90% of mile time with 200 recovery between each........That was pretty tough as I ran at more like 95% than 90%.

Not done 6X200 at 110% of mile time.....geeesh! I ran these a little faster too....will I never learn? My ham felt OK but my right foot hurt a bit .... I think from the down hill which was loose dirt on crappy uneven tar.

half mile cooldown run and then head for home.

Pretty tired when I got home...didn't even go for a swim.

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