Friday, July 25, 2008

speed --interval or race pace?


I missed track today but decided to do a race pace run instead. I looked back at 2003 the weeks before my fantastic run at B to B. I ran a 44:06 which put my mile pace at 7:04. Why did I do so well? what was it about my training that allowed my to run that speed?

I looked back at my training the two weeks before in 2003 and it was not so different than this year. About the same amount of miles. A little shorter runs during the week at a slightly faster pace with kicks at the end of each run. My weekend consisted of a long run of about 8 miles and pretty fast pace of 8:10-8:40 ----so a little faster there to.

I ran more base miles this year, spent more time on the trails, did track workouts but I am about 5 lbs heavier. I didn't come close to my PR at Pat's 5 miler (about 2 mins slower) and only beat my slowest time by 1 minute. So it seems I will struggle to get a good run in at Beach.

On July 22 2003 I ran a 2.5 mile loop in 17:51 (7:09 pace)then swam a cooldown. I decided to try and match that tonite just to see if my slower times are partially due to me not pushing myself as hard rather than my training.

I started out pretty fast and felt the fatigue and pain right away...I had an uplifting moment at the 1st mile as my pace was pretty good. Then I had the two down hills which I exercised the down hill running style I learned at track.

The second mile was a tough long uphill but I pushed as hard as I could convince my body to and then worked a good speedup for the last half. I finished with a very good kick and then looked at my time.....unbelievable 17:51 right on the nose.....who could plan that?

I am not sure it means anything at all, but I was glad to see I could match that pace for a short run like this. Doesn't mean anything for the 10K. I matched the 2003 workout with 3o laps in the pool for a cooldown....

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