Friday, October 31, 2008

Tough Run

October 30 2008

I thought all day about my run tonite. I knew it would be tough as I just started back up running. This would be my second run and I decided it would be a race pace 5k. Probably not a smart thing but it seems like the only way to gauge how much speed and fitness I have lost.

As it turned out, the temps were quite chilly @ 39 and windy. I was dangerously close running on the treadmill instead but there is really no way to gauge my fitness without mile pace and Heart rate.

I put on a couple layers and forced myself out the door. By the time I walked to the end of the driveway I had aclimated well and except for the chilly breeze in my face I was fine.

My other run five days ago was this same course and I ran a somewhat comfortable but working pace of 8:39. I would hope to be able to beat that by 10 seconds a mile at least.

The first mile felt pretty good but I could feel the cardio becoming quite challenged and hoped I could push it the next two. Mile two is an uphill soft dirt, rocks and debris with a new coating of fallen leaves. Definately a hamper to keeping pace.

The hill took it's toll on my wind and I just couldn't seem to get enough oxygen. I could feel my pace slowing and my mind kept trying to convince me to stop, that I couldn't continue. I tricked my mind by telling it I would stop at the top because I knew if I made it to the top I would be able to keep going.

I did make it and and felt a sigh of relief as I negotiated the rock bed on the other side. The second hill which is tar was much easier but i was still laboring when I crested that one.

I couldn't believe how out of breath I was. I knew I was somewhere around 8:30 pace and normally that would be a relativelt easy run for me. I also noticed how high my heart rate was. At that point I was hugging 170 which is about 95% for me.

Finally I made it past the 2.5 mark and knew for sure I could maintain the pace to end and still accomplish some kind of kick.The thought of how hard this was kept crossing my mind. I wanted to stop but would not allow that to happen.

I crested a small hill and the site of my finish excited my mind....finally I get to kick and then stop. I did alright on the kick, about 6:43 so I was pretty happy with that effort.

In the end I beat the last run by 55 seconds so I felt it was worth it. I was surprised when I checked the Garmen and found out my heart rate spiked to 208 in the first 2 tenths of the run. That seemed odd. I ran a 25:02, a far cry from my best on this trail of 20:59.

After I did a half mile cooldown to catch my breath.

3 mile run
tar, dirt, trail
25:02 splits: 8:11, 9:00, 8:12, (6:43 kick)
8:20 pace

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am chomping at the bit!!

This is how I feel right now.......eager to race but waiting for the gun to go off. My recent recoupe from surgery being the starting tape and the anticipation of crossing the start line is driving me crazy.

So then I go to Blaine's wedsite and try to win a dvd on running...yeah, just what I need right.....something to FIRE ME UP!!!!!

I plan my second easy run tonite and hopefully a longer run this weekend.....I need someone to hold me back so I don't hurt myself.

Everyone go to and enter to win this DVD's free!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling good

Left to right my kids; KevinJr. age 24(some kind of muscle man with tatoos) Nathan age 26 (a beer keg with real beer in the top), Amanda age 29 (a 20s flapper), Matthew
age 28 (the incredible hulk) The four of them dragged my wife and I to a halloween dance (and I thought running was tiring!)

Well, Saturday morning I sprung out of bed and suited up for my first run in three weeks (two weeks since surgery) I really didn't know what to expect. The healing has gone well and the incision at the hip has not bothered me much.

The morning air was brisk and clean. I started fairly slow and decided to keep the pace relatively easy and short. I ran one of my favorite 3 mile loops that borders a pit wall and has a good mix of trails, hills, road (tar and dirt) and a flat finish.
I wore the new trail runners (brooks cascadias) for the first time running and they felt I have been wearing them for years..

I felt a little winded on the hills and I could "feel" the hip but not really any pain. I was able to pick it up a bit in the end to finish with positive splits. Then an easy half mile cooldown. I was very happy, every thing went well. I knew of course I would be a little lame the next day but that was OK.

I was very happy to get out and run as the surgeon first said no running or biking for 4-6 weeks, but when he saw how well I was doing and felt confident I would not overdo it, he finally agreed to let me go.

I felt invigorated after the run and then proceded to pull the gas tank out of our van to replace the fuel pump. I have been putting this job off because ....well it sucks and is a lot of work. Today I felt like tackling it. I accomplished that then went hiking with my daughter and her cute dog..a puggles.

It was supposed to be just a hike on some trails but turned into a run as her dog found the remains of a deer that was shot that morning and we had to run with him to keep his attention off the deer smells. They apearantly gutted the deer then dragged it along the trail to reach the road. Her dog being part beagle just couldn't keep his nose off the ground when walking.

While running, my daughter lost her car keys and we had to go back searching for them, which was a little tougher because the darkness was creapping in very quickly.
After giving up and calling home for a ride, my daughter found her key laying on the ground next to the lucky is that?

So, after all the fun of running, struggling with the van and then running again, the kids dragged us to a halloween dance and I ended up dancing until 12:30 that night (well, morning I guess) I did tell the surgeon I would take it easy and not overdue it....right?

Sunday? Yeah I was a lttle lame when I rolled out of bed. In keeping with the stradegy of taking it easy, I ended up going up to my moms to install a new front door which took 2 hours longer than planned. Though I did finally get a chance to take it easy as I watched the Patriots game but then got antsy and ended up going for a hike at Twin was pretty wet there after the heavy rain Saturday night.

It is Monday morning and I am a little sore from all the activity but extremely sure feels good to be running again...

Combo trail/road
brisk morning 7:30 am... hat and gloves
3 mile @8:39 pace average
157 average HR and 169 peak at 7:39 kick.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am Running this weekend

I have been granted approval to run this weekend...It has been two weeks already. I feel out of shape and am itching to get out there. It will be hard to take it easy and not overdue it...

I feel I am healing very well and can probably easily run 8 or 10 miles at a reasonable pace.....I might cut it a little shorter, I have plenty of time as I am starting a base for the 50K training.

I saw the Pineland trail Challenge on the Trail monsters sight the other day, it got me pretty I crazy? why do I want to push myself to run 50K? What is going on in this head of mine?

I sometimes wish I had a first timer like myself to train with through the winter and then experience the (thrill?) with in May, but at the same time I think it would be difficult to do with my crazy schedule. My runs end up being very unplanned and erratic.

I am very happy about the chance to run this soon as the surgeon had origonally said 4 to 6 weeks...I think either I am doing quite well or he figured he couldn't fight the tide and figured I would go running anyway...not sure which..HAHAHA.

I know he understands as he just finished a canoe marathon solo, he made all the cutoff times and finished was 100 miles....pretty impressive. I can tell he doesn't know too many people in his normal everyday life that he can talk to cause he just rambled on about it. It was a great talk!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A suprise!

Hey...I had a suprise in the mail yesterday. It is such a good feeling to know people care. Thank-you Trail Monsters. (knarls & gIANT)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Withdrawals are getting tough!

I am not allowed to run right now and I can't bike, hike or swim either.....this is tough. My brain feels I should be doing it, my body isn't really saying I can't (though I do have some pretty good pain right now) I think I could go for an easy jog and not suffer because of it.

I will be good though and adhere to the words of my surgeon....I will be seeing him Friday. Perhaps he will atleast let me go hiking this weekend. I really feel that getting up and moving is the key to recovery.

I think my body demands exercise.......and I have this brand new pair of Brooks cascadias that keep staring at me saying... "let's hit the trails man!" I haven't worn them yet...I want to.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dog sprints


I origonally planned a decent XC hilly run today at Bradbury. I had an appointment at the surgeons first and was planning to scoot over there after. My daughter took her dog up there for a hike and called to tell me most of the trails were closed.

I ended up being at the surgeons much longer than I planned and with the trails at Bradbury closed, I decided to do a walk with the wife, my daughter and her dog.

We met at Twinbrooks (thought I might cross paths with the Trail Monsters but didn't) Anyway what started as a walk quickly turned into sprint workouts. My daughter's dog, a Puggles, which is a cross between a beagle and a pug, decided to chase sticks and tromp through puddles.

Before I knew it, he had me throwing sticks and chasing around with him. Somehow we ended up runing and that turned into periodic sprint racing. He is quite fast (though I did beat him to the stick a few times), we ended up very soaked and wearing each other out.

This was a great workout and lots of fun. It felt very good on the muscles as I havn't been sprinting much lately. Tomorrow I will get my normal run in at Pineland.