Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012...so far a year of didn't....yet

It feels strange sitting here looking at my running log and seeing only cross training workouts for 2012 so far. Not that I don't want to run but things have gotten in the way this year.

I had surgery on Thursday and was told no raising the heart rate in any way shape or manner for at least two weeks....?????? what the .......I figured the doc didn't realize that I was a fast healer and a runner. Even though I haven't been running this month, I have been working out and cross training. It is highly unlikely that I will sit totally idle for two long weeks.

So...of course I missed the snow squall for a second year in a row, not that I was prepared to race it but it would have nice to at least show up and help out.

Doc said, for four days, sleep sitting up or propped, no bending at the waist or dropping my head lower than my heart, no blowing the nose or sneezing, no physical activity ....might as well wrap me in a sheet and prop my body up in a corner.

I honestly believe a large part of long recovery and healing relates to drugs and pain meds. I don't take them and I heal very quickly. Yeah, it hurts but the degree of hurt guides one to realize where that fine line is between what you should and shouldn't do.

Day 1, Friday I wake up with minor pain and feeling pretty good.  Wife yelled at me for cleaning and filling the stove (not supposed to lift over 20 lbs). There was a good amount of snow and it seemed sitting in my chair and sitting in the plow truck was very similar so I chose the plow truck. I spent about three hours plowing with minor moments of shoveling stairs and such .....all with very little extra discomfort. The shoveling did raise my heart rate a bit but being a runner, it wasn't really that much compared the effort I was putting in.

Day 2, Saturday feeling good and slept much better. Wife yelled at me for cleaning and filling the stove. Cleaned off the trailer and took all the wood out of the garage and stacked it on the trailer......finally I have my garage back. With the help of the boys for the bending down and heavy lifting part, I didn't feel like I overdid it at all. Wife thought I did too much and made me take it easy for the afternoon.

Day 3, Sunday, feeling pretty good. Wife yelled at me for cleaning and filling the stove ( I swear the doc said 40 lbs but not arguing) went to home depot and picked up lumber for the garage, went home and used the lumber up. Changed the brakes on daughter's care, did some cleaning and organizing in the garage, went in the house to take it easy for the afternoon( aka watch the game), filled the stove, wife gave up and didn't yell at me.

Day 4, woke up feeling very good, filled the stove,  no complications, went to work and did all my normal stuff. No pain, no bleeding and no concerns.........I am pretty sure I will get in a short run this weekend, I promise I will take it easy and stop immediately if I sense anything wrong. I am sure my wife will yell at me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012.....it better be better

I started 2011 with so many goals. Through the year I zig zaged all over the place and ended up with accomplishing....well kinda accomplishing ....only one goal. How does that happen? How can a whole year go by before one realizes how unorganized it was?

Lucky for me, I had a great time on the trails this year and even though I didn't reach my expectations, I had so much fun. It seems perhaps in 2012, I should put much more emphasis on running for fun and much less on specific goals.

I did prove one thing to myself this year, I went into the Stone Cat totally untrained and was able to finish respectfully ....but most of all finish. Of course not the time I had hoped for when I signed up, but non the less it was a high light of the year for me.

In my mind, I can see the fast me running all over the place and sending all my old PRs packing. Unfortunately, my mind forgets sometimes that the body ages and can not do the things it used to. I think my mind and body have to do a little soul searching and come to some agreement that is reasonable.

It seems I should not worry about 2012 goals right now and just get out there and run......create a base and just enjoy the scenery. I guess that will be my focus for now and see how things unfold.