Monday, June 17, 2013

No Run Race Report

Well, I missed a second race in as many months. First it was the Barefoot 5k at Pineland and now the Tarc 50 miler. Who died and left father time in charge of my life anyway? I don't like missing races (though missing the 50miler was probably a good thing)

 It's actually amazing that I finished the Pineland 25k because it was my only run in two weeks prior to the race. Since then I have run twice......once a week for 6 miles each. Not what one would call training and surely I can't expect to run races in any respectable way without getting in some quality runs.

Of course, excuses are a dime a dozen and I can make a list that would look pretty respectable .....but that doesn't change the fact that my brain and body are having extreme withdrawals. I need at least a couple runs a week and would prefer a minimum of four.

 There is light at the end of the tunnel and within a few weeks I will have more time ( I think). You see I did a crazy thing ( at least for someone of my age) I resigned from my job of 20 years. I have given up the security and certainty to start a business of my own.

Right now I am in transition so actually still working out my notice and trying to run the new business at the same time. A couple more weeks and my life will be changing drastically. Yes I will have the chance to run more but I might be running as a hobo if things don't go well financially.

It seems my life has always been a toggle switch between feast and famine.....get ready for the switch.

Run report;  Sunday  6 miles at Bradbury 1:05:20  I expected it to be a lot slower. The run was fantastic. Even at 6am the sun was peaking through the trees and the air was clean and crisp....I loved it.