Thursday, July 3, 2008

Running out of running titles!


Didn't make it to track today so decided to run a race pace 3-4 miler to give myself some work at lactate without pushing the speed and getting hurt. Don't want to miss the 10K friday.

Our work our was 6x200@110% and 8x 400 @95% so pretty tough....probably good I didn't make it.

I started my run at what seemed to be a pretty fast pace, I felt it in my breathing
and legs. I felt slow, labored and heavy legged. After the first mile I felt better and seemed to settle in a little.

I hit the pit loop and planned a double hill ran by running the left rim of the pit. I felt pretty good on the hill the first time but was plagued by horse flies (some people call them deer flies) They just drive a person crazy!

Luckily on the hill, the woods close in and the tree branches are quite low so the flies couldn't fly around my head like they were on the dirt section. I felt tired but still pretty speedy as I ran down the rocks and headed for the left side of the pit rim.

I was surprised on the left side as the last time I ran it, it was quite open. Appearantly no body runs/walks on this side and the grass has grown right up causeing a little difficulty as I had to lift my feet higher and I couldn't see the uneven terrain.

The second time up the hill was quite a bit tougher, I was glad when I crested and hit the rocks. I powered up the tar hill fairly easy and finished with a pretty good kick on the flats.

I felt the lactate edge, was quite winded and hugging around 167 heart rate pretty much the workout I planned. Problem is the pace wasn't what I expected...should have been around 7:30- 7:40 pace but I clocked at 7:54....not sure I will get the results I am looking for in the race I hope to at least beat 8 min....was shooting for 7:30 or better.

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