Thursday, June 26, 2008

track is getting intense


Started with 1.5 mile warmup reverse track...
The thunder and lightning off in the distance threatened through the whole workout but never got close enough for us to quit

Track workouts are getting more intense! We started with stretching and form run as usual. Then off to the flights of stairs for eight sprints up them. Then right to the hill for 8 downhill sprints progressing to full speed.

Ok...Now I'm tired ....Off to the track workout. 400-800-1200-1600 @ 90% of mile time with 200 recovery between each........That was pretty tough as I ran at more like 95% than 90%.

Not done 6X200 at 110% of mile time.....geeesh! I ran these a little faster too....will I never learn? My ham felt OK but my right foot hurt a bit .... I think from the down hill which was loose dirt on crappy uneven tar.

half mile cooldown run and then head for home.

Pretty tired when I got home...didn't even go for a swim.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



No run today but I did get some laps in the pool and some pool running....not sure how it translates to running... a mile or two I guess.


Long run with Amanda. Ran the pat's loop twice again. the first loop we ran 2 minutes faster than two weeks ago and the second loop we ran backwards (which seemed more difficult) We stopped at 1.5 mile left for her to stretch a tight calf but still beat our second lap time of two weeks ago. She stayed up well at the end and had a real good kick.

Overall 3 minutes faster than the last 10 miler but about the same effort so I think she is progressing well. It also worked well for me as I would have run too fast and not accomplished the right workout.

It was quite muggy and hot so a few laps in the pool after felt great!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

tough deciding

June 18

Didn't do track on Tuesday because my wife bought tickets for the Jimmy Buffet night at the Seadogs game. I rushed home, changed into the required Hawaii shirt, grabbed my raincoat and off we went.

Paid $5.00 for parking, got a free seat cusion, bought beer and fries for us -----big bucks!! --- then wiped the water off our seats and sat there in the rain waiting for the band to play and the game to start.

The band didn't play and the game was least we watched part of the Sox game on the we got soaking wet and didn't even show off our shirts......I guess I should have gone to track.

Last night I was unsure what to run. I missed the speed workout Tues so I figured I should work on some kind of speed..At the same time I wanted to get at least 5 miles in.....a good choice would have to race at Back Bay but I left work too late....

I ran a 5 mile race pace at 150 to 170 Hr. The first mile was horrible. I had hoped to be somewhere in the 7:30-7:40 pace but struggled around 8 minute. My legs were tired and heavy, my breath was very heavy. You would think I was racing at 7 minute pace or something.

I must be still recouping from the race Sunday. After mile two and the big Greely road hill, I started feeling a little more settled. Now that I think about it, I have been starting my runs slower as I trained for the 25K trail race and the 6 mile trail. That is probably why I felt so labored in the beginning of this run.

By mile 3 my pace picked up (for the same heart rate) and I was running sub 8...this set my mind at ease a little. By mile 4 I was hugging 7:40 pace which is still slower than I want for the LL bean 10K, but at least I was closer.

I finished strong and kicked at 6:10 pace. Overall a pretty good run. What it tells me is that I better get some solid workouts going if I plan to PR Pat's 5 miler. I am surely not in the shape I need to be for that.

I think I will have to speed some of my runs up to get me used to that race feeling of breathing on the edge of death!! Otherwise I think I will be disapointed with my finishes.

I thought that the trail running would step me up noticably when running on flat sufaces like the road. I sure didn't feel in shape on this run. I felt better during the 6 mile scuffle race and my heart rate was in the same range.

I still can'r figure why I struggle so hard to run better and faster....I can't come anywhere near the speed I was running in 2003 before I broke my ankle. Since then, I have not been able to get back in that kind of shape.Of course it didn't help that each year since then I have had some major set back and required surgery.
Now I am sceduling surgery in August for a bone graph (no running for 6 weeks)and then again in October for implants.....(no not those kind....for teeth), then 3 - 4 months later they mount the actual teeth.

I can't believe it is taking so long for this process. My accident was last September and by the time they replace the teeth completely, it will be around February.

Perhaps next year I can concentrate on just running and get some better times or maybe I just will never be that fast again as I am on the down hill from 50 and the body doesn't usually become stronger.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bradbury 6 mile X-C Scuffle

Am I that fast at the finish?


The Bradbury 6 mile Scuffle (measured 6.21 by my zigzag running) put on by Monster Trail Racers was fantastic. The trails were full of twists and turns, roots, rocks, hills, wooden bridges. Just about everything you would think to see running in the woods. On top of that throw in a soaking rain all night and a steady rain at the start.

Believe me the wet conditions created a whole new type of running. As you see in the picture, they managed a large rain puddle finish (which I splashed strait through as I kicked to the end.)

I didn't fall but I did slide through some big mud bogs and tripped on one root. Each time I was able to control myself and maintain an upright condition. I believe my success was a direct result of my core training.

I loved this race and the rain just plain made it that much better. My biggest struggle was keeping my glasses clean enough to see the terrain in front of me. I was disappointed when I arrived and realized I didn't bring my North Face trail runners.....could have used the extra grip and Gortex feature. If there was any race condition that warranted the trail shoe, this was it.

The start was a little tough as I was near the back and the trail was tight single track. I managed to pass a bunch of runners and used the downhill momentum to fly by a pack of runners before the twisty part of the trail.

I felt great at this point and the terrain was not bothering me at all. I managed to dodge puddles and mud for about 2 miles. After that my feet were so wet and muddy, it didn't make much sense to waste the effort. My worst mile was three. For some reason the hills caught up to me, I couldn't catch my breath and my legs felt heavy. I wasn't looking forward to three more miles of this feeling.

Once I passed the water stop and hit a short span of somewhat level ground (If you want to call anything out there level) I started feeling better and the legs perked up. One thing about tight windy trails, is that you have little time to feel sorry for yourself. Concentrating on the trail helped me get back in the zone.

Mile 5 and 6 hardly even registers in my mind. I remember steady breathing, branches hitting my face and sticking to the trail like I was on train tracks. I was neither cold nor hot and the rain had no effect on me at all. Surely the best two miles of the race.

Suddenly before I could utilize my normal half mile speedup for a finishing kick, the finish appeared. I did manage a good kick and powered through the puddle as well as any adolescence enjoying a puddle jump.

This course was marked perfectly and easy to negotiate (even in the rain) The trail Monsters are very organized, courteous and down to earth people. There is no question that they love to run trails!

My only disappointment was that the finish came up so quick. This was surely one of my best finishes this year as far as how I felt and my energy level. This was a great race and an awesome experience!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Speed is work


Track workouts are tough. Our workout tonite is gruesome.. 3 sets of 2x800 at 95% of our mile time. 200 jog between 800s and 200 recovery between sets. This may not sound difficult until one actually shows up on an extremely hot muggy night and starts running.

As usual, when I arrived and started my warmup run of a mile or so, I felt tired and slow. My legs were heavy and breathing labored. I found myself wondering how I was going to accomplish the workout if I couldn't even warmup comfortably.

My left ham is bothering a little (still!) so I decided to step back and start in group three (7:30 pace) But ended up running group 2.5 7-7:30 pace. There were only two of us in that group. Me and dan C.

I figure about 3:30-3:40 800s would put me aroung the 95% of my mile time (6:38) and give me 7 minute splits. Coach Bob said to be around our 5K pace with I figure is 7:15 -7:20 at this time.

I decided to do my workout in more of a perceptial way along with Heart rate. 95% of my max is 169 so I used that as a cap. I ran all my 800s in the 160-171 range so I guess I did ok.

Though I slowed down some through the workout, I managed to do 6:53 pace overall. This is good and actually a little faster than I planned. Overall I felt pretty good about this workout and realized this is the first time I cracked 170 heart rate, so good effort.

After the tough workout we had to run stairs and hills. This bothered my left calf some and it cramped slightly. Because of that, I only ran a quick quarter lap cooldown. Don't want to have tight muscles for the Bradbury Scuffle.

I plan to do a cross country run Thursday nite to prep dfor Sunday.


Left calf was tight and sore all day. decided not to run and wondered about biking or swimming. I couldn't convince myself that either would be a real benifit at this point so instead I went out for pizza and beer with the wife.....funny how one can rationalize huh?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Reflecting on my running season which unfortunately will be cut short this year. My bone graph surgery will be scheduled sometime between now and August. My hope is to postpone it until after the B to B and possibly after the 9 miler at Bradbury. We will see as I have to work with the hospitals schedule.

I am a little disapointed as I had planned a half or possibly full marathon in October. I am sure I will not be ready for that as I have almost two months of no running after surgery. I am sure I will be able to run some though. Not quite what I had in mind this year but still happy to get the surgery over with.

My plan was to use the x-country running as a means to get in better shape for the B to B and create a good base for some speedy 5 and 10 ks. Not to mention that I love running off road. I don't know that the X-C runs have givin me anything in the way of speed on roads, but surely I feel I have better endurance. I think a good test will be the LL Bean 10K. I should feel relatively strong during the 4th and 5th
mile hills.

One of my highlights so far this year was the Pineland challenge 25K. Though I was not as prepared as I should have been, I am so glad I ran that race. I gained a different perspective of distance trail running and it was so great to do something not only different but something a lot of people haven't done.

I am in awe of how organized and well run the race was. I am toying with the notion of gearing up for the 50K next year. The timing would work out as I will lose a couple months of racing this fall. The rest will allow me to start fresh and train through the winter for the 50K.

If I don't run the 50k, at least I can try and PR my 25K time. Now that I understand the demands of the course and the distance, I think I can gear up my training and be much happier with the results.

I am getting quite excited about the Bradbury Scuffle. This is a new XC race and it is fun to be part of something new. Of course most of the trail runners in this race are amazing and surely will be resting with their feet up by the time I cross that finsih line. I suspect I will be quite slow compared to these experienced trail runners. My goal is to finish with out any tripping injuries.

Monday, June 9, 2008

long hot run


Didn't end up running yesterday....still sore from surgery...did get the pool all cleaned up though.

Biked to Yarmouth this morning 3.96 miles. Met up with Amanda (my daughter) to show her the Pat's 5 mile loop which she will be running in July. We decided to do the loop twice so it would double as a long run of 10 miles.

First loop went well, we started pretty slow and settled in good. As usual the mile 4 trail took the most out of the legs. We finished the first 5 in 49:17. She felt pretty good and was happy with her run so far.

Had a drink then hit the road for the second loop. This was obviously tougher for her as our pace was close to the same but she was tired from the first 5 miles. She complained of being tired in the 3rd mile but felt better as I remined her it was actually mile 8.

Finished the 2nd loop quite strong and was very close to the first loop at 49:32. we biked back to her place then I biked home. The biking worked out well as It was my warm up/ cool down. Though I actually worked pretty hard on the way home. 15-26 mph and lots of hills.

The day was already quite hot but that didn't bother me much as I jumped in the pool as soon as I got home and that cooled me off quickly. Spent the rest of the day around....and in the pool...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Track Practice


Decided to tone down the workout tonite after the two intense runs in the last two days. A 10 mile hill run on Sunday and a 6 mile x-country run at Bradbury. The ham is still uncomfortable and I don't want to pull it. Plus my legs are a little tired.

First we stretched and did form work (which is actually a warmup run) Then off to the stairs and grass hill. 10 sprints up the stairs (two at a time) then 8 hill sprints at max.

I am in group two for the workout which was supposed to be 95% of most current mile time. For me that would be about 6:50 or 1:44 400s. The workout is 400-800-400 at 95% with 100 jogs then revovery and two more sets.

I moved back to group three and ran 90% of current time trial. Averaging 1:50 400s. Instead of jogging the 100, I just jogged until the heart rate was down to 120 (which ended up being a little shorter than 100 meters)

I maintained well through out and picked it up to 98% on the last lap (6:41 pace).
I felt real good at the end and could have run anouther set. The ham didn't bother and my legs felt pretty good...a short .25 cooldown then home.

I felt pretty good about this workout and realized after that I made the right decition. Running at the 95% would surely have worked against me. I will not be running for at least three days as I have surgery on Friday....might do an easy run Saturday and will probably do a long run Sunday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bradbury X-C Scuffle course


Went to Bradbury Mountain after work to run the 6 mile Scuffle course. I know it is probably crazy as I ran the 10 miler "hill" run Sunday and will be running track Tuesday but I needed to get a couple runs in at this course before the race in a couple weeks.

It was a pretty hot start and I did not know what to expect when I shoved the map in my pocket and crossed the street. The first thing I encountered is the wonderfull smell of cooking meat. Damn that aroma was mouth watering.

I turned right as I entered the woods and hoped I didn't run into a bunch of bikes as there were many getting ready for a ride as I crossed the street.

The trail was similar to twin brooks with a few narrower spots and more obsticles. I had trouble following the map but continued running. Somehow I took some wrong turns and got off course.

It didn't matter much as I was merely trying to get in a 10K and experience the trail conditions. I was quite surprised that there were not many bugs...I'm sure it's not because I was running too fast.

I did follow a very rocky rough trail down hill and as I ran down I felt glad that I wasn't running up this terrain. Then I hit what I think was Libby road and the end of the trail. I turned around and labored back up the "cliff"

I rambled around the trails for a few more miles and actaully enjoyed the twists and turns of this course. The first 2 miles seemed hard as my legs were just plain dead, I felt slow and tired. After 2 miles though, I started settling in and feeling better.

Finally some speed started coming and I was enjoying the run. It was more difficult finding solid footing and not hitting things as I ran a faster pace. I started getting fatigued around 5 miles and found it much harder to miss the obsticles.

I tripped a few times but luckily did not fall. I will have to pay more attention near the end of the race when I am tired. I got completely dis-oreontated and found I was running the wrong direction...away from the start area.

Somehow I ended up on Ragan trail. At this point I was at 6.2 miles so I stopped and studied the map. Once I figured out where I was I ran my cooldown back to the road.

I enjoyed this run and hope to get one more in before the 15th. I don't plan on a very fast time, because of the technical aspect of this course. I am thinking around 10 minute pace. We will see.

6 miles 59:05 (9:50 pace)
My Garmen had problems with signal but the Heart Rate worked
150 average with 164 peak.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hill work


Didn't get to run Saturday for my x-country hill work so I did a 10 miler today and ran "the hill" loop. This particualar loop has a lot of hills in it and one big steep one called Oak Hill.....that is a tough one but I am always happy with myself when I make it to the top.

The 10 miler went pretty good but I felt slow. My left ham was "uneasy" but didn't really hurt....kind of like it was letting me know ahead of time not to try I didn't. I did put in a little kick at the end though.