Sunday, March 30, 2008

80 degrees in Fla

arrived and the sun hit us complaints. Friday ran a 5 mile on the beach....very hot but felt good after flying Thursday. My pace was pretty good considering running on sand. 3.1@ 7:45 and 2 mile @ 8:37 with a 1 minute rest betwee.. then a 1 mile walk to cooldown.

Saturday '''''went to the beach again. this time I ran a 5 mile from Clearwater beach back to the mainland....hottest part was crossing the bridge....pretty steep uphill too.....when i gaot back I used a swim as a ciooldown...swam about 1 mile easy but run was only 8:50 pace but I started at 9:10 so I did pick it up on the way back....could have used a nap after that workout..but didn't find time.

I want to work in a long run and actually had hoped for an 8 mile or so, but this 80 degree heat just zaps the energy right outof me.

Today I will only do a 3 or 4 easy I think.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ran on the tread mill AGAIN last night. Well I could have run was not too cold but a little windy.....but I got home late and supper was ready and ...I just didn't feel like dressing up and going out.

I felt very tired on the workout..planned on speed intervals but ended up with a 3.1 tempo, a 1 mile tempo and then a 1.5 mile cooldown.. Oh I worked pretty hard and squeezed out a good kick at the end of each....but not really a speed workout.

I managed 8 min mile pace as an average with kicks down to 7 min. I should be doing much better than that right now. 1 month and I have another 5k. I have a feeling I won't get a PR there. I just can't seem to get the speed going.

I am leaving tomorrow for a vac in Fla....perhaps some outdoor running down there will recharge me. I feel I have to revert back to my trainning in 02 and 03 where I ran mostly 3 to 5 mile tempo with big kicks at the end. That may be the only way to get my speed back.

I have to keep in mind though that I need to keep the distance up for the 25K X-country in May.
I expect that to be tough. Once I get past that, I will see how I feel about a longer X-country or a marathon this fall.

Thinking way too far ahead...I need to concentrate on my 5k in April..........And track starts up right after........looking forward to that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

long run

Saturday: I planned on getting my long run in outside but due to the heavy winds, I decided to use the tread mill and watch a movie.

I know, not quite the same as the 10 mile "hill" run I planned but still a good workout. Hey, and the movie was good......I had the incline on#4 so at least a little difficulty..

Friday, March 21, 2008


I had planned on running a pretty fast tempo run outside last night. Somehow I couldn't force my wimpy body outside and opted for a treadmill run instead.

I filled my head with various was cold, windy, wet, a lot of traffic and my hams were a little lame (either from the heavy speed workout or the hydraulic ram job I did at work)

Anyway, it didn't take much convincing to send me down to the workout room instead of hitting the road. I decided to just do an easy run. As it turned out I actually incorporated a little speed into the run and ended fairly satisfied with the workout. So a five mile tempo run.

This morning my hams are still quite lame..the right a little worse than the left. I don't think it was from the 8x 400s the other night....pretty sure it was from the bending over working on the hydraulic rams and lifting.

This is not normally what I do but the shop was shy manpower and things have to get done.
I will rest tonite and get a long run in this weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

speed workout

Speed workout last night. 1 mile warmup then 8 x 400 @ 90% with 200 recoveries. 1:44- 1:51 average and 152 av heart rate with max @164.

1.5 mile run then cooldown. 6 miles total. Felt pretty good about the workout.....shower then ate supper.

I should be ready for track which is starting up in a few weeks.

Monday, March 17, 2008

long run

Sunday I ran a long run with Amanda. I was going to do a 12 but she wanted to stay around eight. I figured it would be a good chance for me to do an easy /long run. We did the 8.3 sligo loop. I was her first time and I think she was happy with the workout of that loop..

Just the right mix of distance --hills--flats... she was tired on the long hill at mile 6 but handled the three hills at the end of mile 2 with ease. After the long hill she re-couped very fast and enjoyed the slight downhill to the finish.

I stayed with her to coach and was excited to let loose a little in the last 2 tenths of a mile.
my splits were: 8:57, 8:54, 9:00(hills), 9:07, 9:09, 9:19 (long hill), 9:09,9:02, 8:36 and kick@ 7:10.......felt good.

Amanda was very happy with her splits. My HR was 140 average and 164 at kick.
Garmen was a little off today......because I forgot and left it on general instead of setting it to "run"

spring is coming

Saturday I went snow shoeing with my daughter and her pup, Deacon. It was a beautiful day, we had a fresh new blanket of snow, 35 degrees and no wind.

As you see in the picture, Deacon was afraid to cross the snowmobile bridge and Amanda had to carry him. He did manage to carry his own walking stick though!!

We shoed for about two miles, it was a nice workout. The streams we crossed were unfrozen and the water was running......sure signs of spring!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Outdoors

Finally enough daylight during the week to run outdoors. I felt that rush of anticipation as I dressed for the outdoor run. It was nice not having to run on the treadmill. I decided to break in the new trail runners and ran mostly in the ditch.

I did have a problem, the right one kept rubbing under the outside of the right ankle. This is the one I broke in 2004 and I think the ankle is a little wider. Perhaps I can stretch that part out a but as the shoes felt great other than that.

The run started out a little cold but I warmed up pretty quick. The first mile was 8:27 pace and felt good, my plan to pick it up each mile didn't work well though as I hit some large areas of ice on the dirt road that slowed me to almost a walk.

I probably have too much respect for the ice and could have run faster but I can't take a chance getting hurt on a training run. 2nd mile pace was much slower --9:03.....but I didn't fall...

Finally I hit mostly dirt with small patches of ice that I easily manuvered around. The third mile was much better @8:03. Then I picked it up for a .2 mile kick average of 6:15....winded but feeling pretty good.

The nano completely messed up with a reading of 3.7 miles instead of 3.2. I think my stride was affected by the new runners and the ice so that scewed with the nano calibrations. Did cooldown and went home happy...........big helping of pasta for dinner..oh and a beer!!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

time for speed

I started speed workouts last night. Not that I haven't had some speed work in my schedule already but more like a dedicated night to speed rather than Tempo. I started with a 1 mile warmup and shifted right into a ladder of 200-400-800-400-200 all @#4 incline and #8 speed on the tread mill. My splits were around 6:45 mile pace. My recovery was 45 second jog on #5 between intervals.

I then ran a 1. mile pickup starting at #5 speed and ending on #9 for the last .1. I was feeling so good, I ran an extra .1 on #9. Then I finished with a mile cooldown. The whole workout totalled 4.9 miles and I quit knowing I had more left in me.

This is a good workout for my first real speed of the season. Next week I will start running outdoors during the week as the daylight savings time has given me the window of daylight I need.

I am in high hopes of hitting the trails this weekend for a long run and trying out my new 103's
Sure will be nice to have something a little more water proof. I am a little worried about the flexability though.

Tonite is an rest night, though I may lift a few weights and work on core muscles some.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Irish Rover 5K

I almost didn't post my picture at the finish. I am not impressed with my form here, though I did kick pretty good and tied the girl with the yellow coat in front of me. See that crowd way behind me? I passed them after the turn onto Spring only a half mile back.

Dana and I both hoped to beat 24 minutes. Congrats to Dana as he did great and beat me by 36 seconds. Funny as I think back now, I feel I could have picked it up more and gotten a better time. It is so easy to think that the next day.

It was very cold as the wind was wailling and seemed to blow right through my many layers. The start was very slow, I should have started more up front. It took us 20 seconds to reach the start line, So I figured my net time to critique my fitness level.

Overall, even though I did not beat 24 minutes, I felt real good and very strong the whole race. The start was fun as I bobbed and weaved my way through the crowd of runners giving me the feeling of speed.

The hill was no problem though I did have a lot of people pass me. I passed a bunch back after the crest and was able to recoup fast. I did not monitor my time but felt like I was running strong and judging by the way I was passing, I felt I was running a sub 24 easily.

The wind blew me back as I rounded the corner onto Spring and I used runners to block it some. I continued passing people and felt winded but good. My kick was acceptable and I passed a bunch of runners at the end.

Overall I am happy with my performance and look forward to some speed training before the Safe Passage race. My splits: 7:53 1st mile, 7:42 (picked it up after hill), 7:50 (into the wind), 7:10 kick.

I think I did all the right things leading up to this race. I definately felt the conditioning from the long runs as I could have maintained this pace for a longer period of time. Now I will concentrate on some speed workouts and see what happens.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring races

Tomorrow is my first 5K race for this season. The Irish Rover is a very popular race. I think most people view it as the first race of the season. I have only missed this race once since I started running 6 years ago. It was 2004 and I was still limping and recovering from a severly broken ankle.

I have a love/hate relationship with this race. I want to know where I stand with my speed and conditioning but at the same time, I worry about the results. Will I be disappointed? Or perhaps I will run a PR. This picture is my 07 finish.

I know once I get past the pre-race jitters and actually get the first half mile behind me, in between the gasping of my lungs and the screaming discontent of my muscles, my brain will be asking why. Why am I doing this? Who the hell talked me into forcing my entire body to try to run three miles "fast"? I desperately search my brain for the culprit to blame this on only to finally admit I did this to myself.

Eventually, I will cross that finish line and the bittersweet feeling of accomplishment will overcome me. Sweet because I can stop running and I made it. Bitter because I will probably wish I could have run faster and once the race is over, I will visualize it in my mind. It is then that my brain says I could have done things different, I could have done something to run faster. Why didn't I? Well one of these days, that "monday morning Quarterback" can run the race. I always critique my races and always think I could have done better.

Truth is, I have a certain base and speed in my training at this point. I will eventually admit to myself that this was a good and sound performance and anything short of that is directly related to my training. Yes it is true.......I am what I am.....The effort up until now is what I will run tomorrow.

I usually have three goals going into a race. 1. My realistic goal: This is what I can rationally expect when looking at my training. For tomorrow it is to beat 24 minutes. I think I can accomplish that and I should. 2. My unrealistic goal: This happens only on special days. When your body somehow goes above and beyond the training level. This is when you get into that groove and pull off something huge. For me it would be a PR for this race. So I am shooting for 22:50. 3. The bad day: This is when everything falls apart. you don't sleep good, you come down with a cold or you just can't get your groove. Just basically a bad day. For me, I will merely turn this race into a training run and shoot for something a little easier like say 25 minutes or less. I have had more of these days than I care to admit.

See you tomorrow.............

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Running Adventure From Last Summer.


I don't get frightened too often. In the last 50 years of my life, I can only remember being really scared maybe a dozen times... I mean scared enough that you think it is surely the end of your world as you know it and actually can smell death knocking. Tonight would turn out to be one of those times.

I had planned on running track last night but I ended up working late. I figured I would make it up tonight. Well I didn't feel like running around that black circle for 2 hours and besides it looked like rain was coming. On my way home, I decided to run in the woods instead. I love running in the woods and a light rain doesn't affect you as much there. There is a place called Pineland that used to be a home for the Mental retarded and now it is a huge complex. Some rich lady bought it and refurbished it. Now they grow vegetables and process milk, beef, all types of stuff. It is pretty much a working community farm. Anyway there are trails all through the woods and I have run a bunch of cross-country races there. There are literally 20 miles of trails going in all different directions, so plenty of variety.

I decide my workout will be 60 second sprints. This helps develop speed and trains the body to run on lactate as a fuel. Usually lactate will build up in the muscles and cause cramps as you use the standard ATP fuel from oxygen. So the thing to do is sprint extremely hard for 1 minute then walk until the heart rate is below 120, then sprint 1 minute again. You do this as long as you can stand it. It helps build speed and trains the body to recover faster.

Well, I'm in my fifth or sixth sprint and I hear this strange noise.......Kind of a deep, hollow, raspy but loud noise. Suddenly I "feel" a presence. I stop, remove my head phones and freeze in my tracks. The woods seemed to vibrate as the raspy sound engulfs me again. This time much louder and surely much closer. A lump forms in my throat and I can't seem to force it back down.

It was a strong feeling, I knew something was there. Something was in the woods. I was sure of it, suddenly, it was totally quiet. no birds, no wind but just eerie silence, well except for my heartbeat which was trying to pound it's way right out of my body. I looked at my watch, wow it read 240 HR. That can't be right? My max is about 190. At 240 I would probably be dead...I look around, scanning the woods. all I see is shadows. My heartbeat is so loud now that it seems to be echoing through the woods like a dog whistle and chanting "here boy!"

I feel hunted. Something was watching me and I racked my brain to figure out what to do. I assume by the noise, it had to be really big, like a bear or moose. At that moment I heard rustling to the left of me. I turn quickly and stare into the trees. The normal calming essence of the woods has now turned to pure fear. I am struck by the image of the mean trees in The Wizard Of Oz. Their branches appear to be reaching toward me. It seems so dark now. Was it always this dark? Were the shadows always this scary?

My world was slipping from me as I vision some animal using me to progress his own life. No one knew I was here. How would they know where to look? My brain went into overdrive. I am sure it has it's eyes locked on me and I am so sweaty....To a wild animal that would be the smell of supper. I thought about how it made me feel when I could smell a big juicy steak cooking on the grill......hhmmn, Is that how a sweaty human smells to some hungry animal?

I find myself disappointed as my instincts are telling me wise procedures, no escape. I know I can't run, as I just stopped sprinting so my energy level was low. I vision in my mind trying to outrun a bear or moose...I don't think so, I'm just not that fast. I look around quickly. What could I hide behind? Again I am disappointed. I am a man, I should be looking for a weapon, instead I am thinking retreat....You dummy, my brain screams, you know wild animals can smell fear! My thoughts start wandering. So what smart thing pops into my head? I have merely minutes to live and I think about the donut I decided not to eat earlier. Dam, I wish I had eaten it now. It looked so good....deep chocolate all covered in white powder. I wish I had it now, plus it would make a good desert for the meal I was going to be. (Hey, can I help it if I like to please?)

You know it is funny, I always thought my life would flash before my eyes and I would contemplate my shortcomings. Instead I wish I ate that damn donut! Again that raspy noise penetrates the silence! I turn and look to the left...I see shadows moving.....I fully expect a huge stupid moose to come pounding out of the woods and stomp his hoofs through my body. I would be no match for a 1000 pound moose. They are a strange animal, instead of getting scared and running away, they get mad and run toward you. I guess they aren't too worried because of their size. It is not hard to vision the damage those large hoofs would do as they tenderized my body for a tasty supper.

Suddenly, I hear a loud rumbling and rapid pounding...bushes rustling......I can feel the earth rotating under my feet and the air becomes extremely heavy...I feel every breath...Long slow in...long slow out...why can't I catch my breath. why is it so loud....when would someone find my mangled body, crushed into the dirt of the trail and hardly recognizable? A galloping sound struck my ears and it was disappearing! It ran away! It was gone and the shadows faded.

I wipe the sweat out of my eyes....Now I am glad I didn't eat that donut. The threat is gone and so is the fear. Why was I so scared? This is crazy. Was it really almost the last second of my life? Was I over reacting? I finished my run, 3 more miles and when I came out of the woods, A guy was running in.....would I read about him in the morning? Should I warn him? I stop and turn just in time to see him disappear into the woods.

I guess I am a trail runner

As I labor through the snow with snowshoes flailing, I think of spring.
I find myself longing for the wind in my face as I barely miss a tree and negotiate the twisting trail. I dream of that exact moment. What is it about the woods, a field, a rarely traveled path?
Is it merely the unknown as the next corner approaches or the radiating smell of the woods?

The sun peeks around the trees and the winds force is diminished as these tall demons stand in defiance of natures forces. I find myself in love with the tranquil feeling but also in awe of nature......I love being there, part of the process, yet fighting it at the same time.

It seems everything is working to stop me. The wind pushes, the mud grabs, the trees and bushes stand in the way, the rocks loosen my footing, the rain blurs my vision, the ground reaches up and tries to force me down, yet the trail run would be as boring as the slapping sound of my feet on tar with out them.

I love trail running.............. I am a trail runner!!