Monday, October 24, 2011

Not Sure

Not sure where I am heading lately as my running is virtually non existent, not because of lack of Mojo, though real runners (like jeff) actually still run like crazy without it, but more of a lot of outside interference (like 74 hours this week at the job).

When I trained for the Pineland 50K, I did an excellent job and was very happy with the results. Now with the Stone Cat marathon only a couple weeks away, I am wondering what abyss I will fall into on the second lap. I think I will do fine with the first 12 miles but fear the lack of any consistent training will catch up to me quite quickly after that.

I assume I will find out just how much base I really have and probably will be cursing my lazy training plan through out the race. That being said, I hope to enjoy myself (is that possible) and at the end be glad that I had the nads to show up.

After only crosstraing this week, I finally found the time to head out at 6:30 AM on Sunday and actually get in a short run. It was a bit chilly but the trails were quite nice and I felt pretty darn good. Of course after the 5 miles were behind me, I felt the lack of running throughout the whole day (lame muscles and such).....and it was only 5 miles....holey crap! what is going to happen at StoneCat.

I want to run long trail races....I really do, as I have the desire to complete a 50 miler.....but something is going to have to change in my life before that can happen. I have been looking for a few extra hours a week to get my runs in and just can't seem find them.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Hope I Don't Forget How to Run!!

My non existent training is becoming a problem as it is getting closer and closer to the StoneCat marathon. It is increasingly difficult at this time to schedule in any kind of consitant runs. Besides the interference of late, I took a moment to look back over previous years and realized that October/November has notoriously been difficult to get in my runs.

That being said, I am not planning on adjusting my plans and will show up for the marathon regardless of what type of running shape I am in. I have been able to pull off a few 2-3 hour runs in the last two months so that should help get me to the finish line .......just don't know how long it will take me...I suspect at least 6 hours.

I am pretty sure though, that I will be suffering and asking myself more than once why the hell I am doing this.
Even now, as I sit in my nice warm and dry office, I couldn't answer that question. I don't think there is an answer other than I crave the trails and spend much of my time thinking about being out there.

My pathetic training for October (so far):
 Oct 1.......2 miles
Oct 2.......2:25 hrs...14 (somewhat easy) miles
Oct 8.......2:44 hrs...12 (tough trail ) miles
Oct 10..... 4hours .....8? Garmen woes
Oct 13.....1/3 hr....3 miles

Told you it was pathetic...