Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trail Running-----Again

Sunday morning up early for my weekly road run (as of late) but decided to head to the Brad and see how the knee handles the trails. Ran 6 miles with absolutely no issues ....other then the usual garmen reading incorrectly.

I arrived with the intent of parking outside the gate because it was so early but the gate was open. I assumed someone must already be running. There were no vehicles in the lot at all so at least I didn't have to fight for a parking spot. I wasted no time to hit the trails as I was quite anxious. It felt fantastic to be running on trails and what better place than Bradbury.

I figured 6 miles would be a perfect distance for starters and really only had about an hour window anyway. When I arrived back at the parking lot, there were two cars there and I  was pretty sure one of them was Vals. I suspected they must have run the connector or something on the west side.

 As usual around the holidays, I eat way too much, don't get much for runs in and in essence lose focus on my training. I don't get too worried though as I will get cracking the whip after Christmas
I love the holidays but at the same time can't wait for the pace to slow a bit and get back to normal.

 The knee issues have slowed me down more than normal and for the first time in three years I will not pass the 1000 mile mark. Though discouraging, I think I handled the injury fairly well and surely will be glad I took it easy rather than pushing through it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Great Run!!!

 My planned 8 miler Saturday morning went relatively fast, not sure if I was really feeling that good or excited about getting back for the fun day of Grandaughter feastivities.  We had both over for the day and a sleep over. They helped decorate the tree, we watched the northern light show at beans (twice) bought them presents ......(yeah I know, too close to Christmas)  and played.

The 8 mile route I run, I call my money loop. It is the one I use when I trainned for most of my short to mid distance races. The run is a very good mixture of small hills, one long hill and light traffic flow and if need be, I can add in a very long steep hill that adds another mile.

I felt good and had no knee pain what so ever...yeah

8 miles @1:12:28  (9:04 pace)

pace.......heart rate
9:07.......142-151 (small hills)
9:26.......147-153 (not sure what happened here, it was flat)
9:05.......152-163 (start of mile long hill)
9:25.......157-161 (still long hill)
8:44.......156-166 (strong finish but chose not to kick)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Sugar Coated DNF

  As more Time passes since Stone Cat 2012, the feeling of cop-out has become much stronger .  Though I rationalized my finish there to be a grand  marathon PR, the truth is that it was also my first real DNF.

 I have been known to rave about how there is no quit in me, yet on that day, I did consciously quit and it is not a good feeling to contend with. I am happy with my marathon time but at the same time accept the DNF for the 50 miler.

 It is easy a month later to look back and "feel" like I could have and should have continued. Perhaps I could have gone longer and probably should have continued until they stopped me but I didn't and that shows a lack of heart and conviction on my part.

Physically, I probably did the right thing and perhaps if I hadn't, I would feel the ramification of it in the start of the new 2013 season. What it all boils down to is, I didn't have it in me to finish a 50 miler.

This only means I have to change my training and mindset this year and hopefully find the means to  accomplish my goal.

 On the running side of things, I did get in a fairly long run Saturday. the first 5 (road)miles went very well and like the last run I felt no rustiness from the short layoff, the last 3 miles I ran on trails. The last mile of the five my left ITB acted up a little but not concerning, about halfway through the trail portion, it got very aggravated.

I don't know if it was the trails or the distance that brought it on but decided after to make sure I go into this season very slow and careful so not to jeopardize my plans.

8 mile run @1:11:15 (average 8:54 pace)

first 5.15 miles 44:17 @ 8:36 pace  with progressive negative splits
final 2.9 miles  26:58 @9:18 pace with positive splits and left knee pain.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Lately I find myself thinking about the new year and how I am going to position my runs and races.
I decided that I would do my best to find a way to attend more TM functions and started that by accepting the invite to  TILL WE MEET IN HELL and looked forward to the drinks later.

Problem is, a scheduling conflict arose and here I am declining a great event again not only that but I might also have a problem making it to the GAC fatass this year too..... this is already starting to feel like last year. I can't let this continue and have to find the means to get back on my planned track.

 Anyway, I seem to be catching myself daydreaming of great races and long runs.....It's a good sign that I am healthy and ready for the new season. I want, no I am going to run a 50 miler in 2013.

That being said, now all I have to do is find ways to keep outside interferences to the minimum, not sure how I am going to accomplish that.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ON Track...I Guess

 December was the start of my new running season. After almost a month off from Stone Cat and the ITB issues, I felt pretty antsy to get out for a run.

  I decided to run the road, leave it short and slow, just wanted to see how much the condition has slid and whether the ITBs would act up. I expected a fair amount of rust and surely some struggling moments with the cardio.

 I headed out with very little expectation but quite excited to get a run behind me. To start with, Saturday morning was  kinda cold and it took a bit to figure out just how much to wear. As soon as there was enough light, I hit the road running and figured a 5k would probably be enough.

  I actually felt great, but purposely did not check my watch. I wanted to run by feel and just enjoy it. I call this loop a 5K but it actually measures 3.15 and has a fair amount of hills in the second mile so it is a good 5K training loop.

  To my surprise, I felt like I was running at a fairly fast clip and there was no rust , ITB or cardio issues at all. It was like I never took a break. Perhaps the lay off was just what the body needed.

 When I hit the second mile which is pretty much a steady incline, I expected to suffer a little but to my wonderment, I just worked the hill with ease. The only point I felt a slight bit out of shape was the last 1.5 miles which ended up being a somewhat pathetic attempt at a finishing turn over at all though I did manage to speed up some.

  The run felt great and I was quite excited to review the stats and find that it was fairly speedy too. I ran close to 8 minute pace which is about where I normally run my tempo runs when training for 10 Ks Overall quite happy with this run.

3.15 miles @25:42 (8:10 pace)
8:36.....153-167 (hills)
6:28.....162-166 (last 1.5 kick)