Thursday, June 28, 2012

Have Nots Rather Than Have

Bradbury running near the top of lunchbreak hill 5:30 am  last Saturday morning ( the photo does not begin to capture the beauty of the sunrise peaking through the trees)

It seems that my training log is more full of havn't rather than have. By that I mean, I don't do a very good job of followintg my plan. Not that it is a big deal as my plans are designed more as a guide line rather than being etched in stone.

 I had this grand plan of PRing every race this year. Not that I was being that aggressive but more along the lines of the fact that I have been running really slow the last few years and I was planning on some new races this year which of course will automatically be PRs.

 So on the agenda are a few road races that will require some speed to PR and my plan was speed workouts after Pineland to help get my speed up for LL Beans race. Well the speed workouts just didn't materialize for various reasons. I have managed some fairly speedy 8 mile road runs and quite a bit of hill work so I think I will run strong but probably not PR.

My goal is to beat 48:30 (my PR is 48:08 at this race) but honestly anything faster than 50:00 will be fine. The main reason for the lake of speed work is reflected in the photo above. How could one possibly run around a track rather than watch the sunrise while running through the woods?

Besides that, my focus has changed a bit since I signed up for the Brad 50K and then tacked on the Stone cat 50 miler two weeks later. I better start training distance.....don't you think?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Reminded Of George's Quote

I was looking over my racing schedule for this year and now that I have added the Stone Cat 50 miler, it kind of looks a little ambitious .....It reminded me of George's quote which was something like being short on ability but long on attitude...though I'm a bit short on both, but I do have a Little insanity working for me so that helps.

 I guess there are two ways to look at it (glass half full / half empty )  what better way to prepare for my first 50 miler than to run the Brad 50K two weeks before....does that qualify as part of my taper? For your normal ultra runner, it would be a stroll in the park.

 The plus about Stone Cat is I know I can handle the terrain, so the mental part will be my problem. Last year I ran the Marathon there with very little training and 2 months of almost no running. My goal was to finish (get the jacket) and enjoy the experience...I accomplished both.

In essence, I only have to pull off the marathon twice, that surely can't be unreachable. I think Stone Cat makes perfect sense for a first 50 miler because it is not very technical and being 12 mile loops, I will only have three opportunities to quit. I suspect if I can get past the third loop, I should be OK.

Latest runs and stats:

Brad connector  6.8 miles 1:12:02  (10:36 pace)
2 miles easy
2.5 mile (with wife) 28:56 (11:35 p) then 3.1 race pace on combo road trail  24:01  (8:09 P)
Twinbrooks 3.3 easy 29:26  (8:56 P)
LL Bean course plus  6.8 @55:36  (8:56 p)  then 1.3 cooldown @11:23  (8:46 P)
Brad east  7.3@ 1:14:44  (10:15 p)
Road speed up run 8 miles @1:05:12  (8:09 p) then 1 mile cooldown 9:19
Brad east  5 miles @ 50:19 (10:04 p) then the O trail 2.4@ 33:09  (13:49 p)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mixing It Up

Haven't written much lately mostly because not much is happening. I have been mixing up the runs though as I am running a (gulp) road race (LL Bean) on the 4th, Peaks 5 miler on the 27th and Beach to Beacon I thought a little running on the road is needed.

I am also running the Badass series so these road races will not be allowed to get in the way of my plan to PR all three this year and then finish off the series with a 5k at the Craig cup and then the bad brad 50K.

What I am thinking, is to find a 50 miler that is not too difficult as I really want to get one in this year. Not sure what will fit into the schedule though... Stone cat seems to fit but I cringe at the cost, Farm to Farm could fit but that is mostly roads.

It would make sense to run a 50 miler after the 50K but there doesn't appear to be much within a month or two  of  the  Brad. Anyone have suggestions?