Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Running hot..and speed work too!

We do form work and stretch before we run .... aren't we too old for this?


Track day...Hot and humid. I tried to hydrate well during the day and even took some E-caps before practice.

Did a mile and a half warm up....(not that I needed to be any warmer!) I noticed my heart rate was high compared to the pace. This means my workout would probably be dificult and probably slower. I guess the humid temps create less oxygen content in the air and this combined with the heat drives up the heart rate.

The plan was 6x200 @110% (.45 secs) with 50 active recovery (3x200..passive recovery and 3x200 again) I did this workout @40-45 seconds (158-166HR) but it was tough.

Second, 400,800,120 @ 95% of mile time with active recovery (50 yards)
passive recovey
400,800,1200 again @ 95% ..50 yd active recovery.

First set I did good running 6:45-7:16 and 160-166 HR
second set I struggled a little with 7:47 - 7:28 (7:28 was the 1200) so I did better as the workout lengthened. Heart rate was 158-167

To finish we did 6x200s again @110% Because of the heat and the fact that I was dead, I decided to slow down a little and shot for .50 secs instead of .45
I averaged :49-:53 And 6:15-7:21 pace....heart rate 145-170 so I did OK

It felt so good to know I was done! I skipped a cooldown run and went home to do my cooldown in the pool...did about 15 laps and then watched the rest of the Red Sox game.....They won!

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