Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where is Spring?

I have spring fever. It is a feeling that overwhelms me as I watch the snow slowly melt and turn brown. The white beauty is gone and I am anxiously waving good bye as I think about where I will store my winter appearal.

I am ready for that feeling of grip as the toe of my cascadias wraps it's claws around the dirt and propels me forward. Catching the sun's rays peaking through the green forests creating a warm tingling feeling every place it touches me.

No more fretting over how many layers I will need as I scamper out the door doning only a tanktop and shorts, not calculating the 20 degree running rule or covering exposed skin.

Trading the soothing quiet of the snow covered woods for the many noises of spring, the birds singing, the brooks gurgling, the wind whispering,the crackling of the dead brush as I negotiate the weaving trail............

Now for the somewhat boring running report.

Tuesday (night)
Ab/ core workout then treadmill

3 X 1 mile hill workouts @ 10% grade at a progressive pace. Quarter mile recoveries.

Mile 1.... 4.5-5.0 .. speed, 9:33 pace, (8:54kick)
Mile 2.... 5.0- 5.5 .. speed, 8:56 pace, (7:35 kick)
Mile 3.... 5.5-6.0 ..speed, 8:25 pace, (7:04 kick)

2 mile easy ....5% grade... 9:59 pace

6 total miles

Wednesday (night)
Ab/ core workout then treadmill

4 miles tempo 5% grade 5 speed. 8:57 pace.
9:14 (don't know what happened here...should have been 8:40 or so)
8:07 ...(7:38 kick)

1/2 mile cooldown.

4.5 total miles.

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