Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Run But A Post

There was no run yesterday, no workouts, no cross training, just cold blowing wind and a renewed vision of wishfull thinking. Wishing I was somewhere else ....or somewhere else was here.

Closing my eyes brought vague memories back to the front of my brain. Memories of tropical devine..........It was not that long ago I was there.....or was it? It has been 2 years since that trip ...it is a long time.

I feel now that I didn't relish enough moments back then. I was in a hurry to experience it all...as much as I could fit in. Then suddenly it was over.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I need to let go of the big picture sometimes and just enjoy my current task, wether it be a leisurely jog through the woods or sitting on the deck basking in the warm sun.

I spend so much time thinking ahead to my scheduled plans that I tend to overlook the current fun I am having. We, as humans tend to get bogged down with routines and schedules.

How many miles did I run this week, what pace am I at? Though these are good questions and relevent to my future goals, I still need to enjoy the trip as once I am there, I will realize the trip was part of the adventure.

I experienced this Saturday when I ran down to the MS Fells in Mass..... The workout really did not matter as much as the event. Running with my sons through a difficult terrain, none of us ever been there before so we were all enjoying the newness of the trail.

The idea came to me last week. It seemed like it would be difficult to schedule yet everthing fell into place and the bonus was my oldest son decided to join in too. I didn't think of my training once during the run......partially because I was busy trying to breath!

Instead I thought of the trail and my sons running with me and the warmth of the sun beaming through the trees. It was a moment frozen in time.....well OK, an hour and 12 minutes frozen in time.

I am so glad I thought of it, so glad it all worked out, so glad my sons were there.
I hope it was a moment they will remember too. I don't suppose it is a common occurance to run through the woods with your 53 year old dad .......for over an hour.

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Laurel said...

Nice post. I agree, we need to cherish every moment as it happens. There is always some small joy to be found in every single day, some days we just have to look for it a little harder than others.