Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enjoying Early Spring


Finally, running out doors instead of treadmill just isn't the same and I felt it tonite. I could have dressed a bit warmer as the wind from the north was quite chilly. When I got into the tree covered parts of the run it did cut the wind a bit but also blocked the sun.

Of course the slight chilly didn't affect me much. I ran with my son Matt and we popped off a decent double 2.5 mile loop. The second loop faster then the first.

We didn't actually run them as intervals as we didn't stop at the first 2.5, we just continued on and clicked our splits.

I feel I work much harder when running tempos on the treadmill but I don't think I get as much out of it as far as training goes. There is something about moving that changes everything. I like the fact that I can settle into a pace and have a chance to kick in the end.

2X2.5 loop
total 5 miles @ 40:50 (8:10 pace)
40 degrees and chilly wind.

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