Monday, March 2, 2009

It Seems I Am Consistantly Posting Two Runs At A Time.....?


Thursday was speed workout night and I figured it would be interesting as I ran a fairly fast tempo run Wednesday night. The plan was 6X800 at 3:55 with 200 recoveries.

I ran a mile easy to warmup. 5% grade and 4mph 10:13

I started the 800s with the tread at 5% incline and speed at 6 mph. The plan was speed up 800s, meaning I would pick it up half way through each 800 and kick at the end. I felt good doing these and actually my last one felt the strongest and the easiest. Ironically the 5th one "felt" the most dificult. The spits show the 800 time, the overall pace and then the kick.

1. 3:54 7:44 pace 7:05 kick
2. 3:48 7:32 pace 7:06 kick
3. 3:46 7:28 pace 7:06 kick
4. 3:46 7:26 pace 7:19 kick
5. 3:47 7:32 pace 7:04 kick
6. 3:41 7:18 pace 7:01 kick

recovery was 200 equaling .75 miles.

I finsihed with an easy 1 mile run @ 9:07 pace still 5% grade and 4.5 speed then a .25 walk cooldown.

Overall 6 miles.

Though I missed the Fatass, I did spend the afternoon shoveling off my deck (which had not been cleaned off all winter) and a walk way for my daughter's dog run. The snow is so deep out back that the poor thing couldn't do anything but walk up and down the driveway. I only mention it becasue it was so difficult shovelng snow and breaking ice, that I considered it a cross training "weight room" workout.


My long trail run today was destined to be a 14 mile run at somewhere around 10:30 pace. I decided that I was not sure how I would feel because of the lameness from yesterdays ice breaking adventure combined with the 13 degree (but much colder than that feeling) temp and the fact that it was supposed to snow.

So I decided to have my own fatass. Now being that I ran on the road and even though I ran in the ditch which did give me uneven terrain,I couldn't actually call it a fatass. I thought about it and decided on "only slightly larger than normal ass" Perhaps a mini fatass that has not grown large enough to deserve the magnatude of the full name.

I have a 5.15 loop that incorporates a steep hill and a long "lesser grade" hill,a few rolling hills, so the degree of dificulty creates good overall training. The plus is that when doing loops, you gain a lot of information that is quite helpful.

The large hill is in the 2nd mile and the long hill is mile 3.5 -4.5 the last mile is relatively easy which worked well for finishing each loop strong.

Loop 1............../.......loop 2............./.......Loop 3

Pace..ave HR.Max HR

(5)9:25....138--142.../...9:24.....138-142......./...9:07....145-159 (7:40 kick)at end of 15.3

1. 49:10 142-159
2. 49:31 138-153
3. 49:44 140-159 (7:40--kick @ 165 HR)

About 1 minute between loops for a drink. I felt good about the run though I had some pretty tired legs after.

Total 15.3 miles @2:28:25 9:42 pace (9:49 pace if the two one minute breaks are added in)

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