Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hill Workout


3x 1 mile hill workouts tonight. I started out with a plan of running interval sprints and somehow decided to do hill workouts. Apearantly my brain decided that it would be easier? Not sure why but hill work is not easier, it is just a different kind of pain.

This is the second night in a row that I could have run outdoors as there is plenty of daylight now that the time has changed. I usually have somewhat of a plan before I head for home and usually that is adjusted when I actually arrive.

Tonight, supper was ready when I arrived so of course I ate first. Then I received a phone call and next thing you know it is 6:30 and daylight is fading into the shadows.

I guees it is not realy a problem as I have the treadmill, bike, rowing machine and weight bench, it is not like I can't get a good workout inside. Also, when doing sprints or hills, it seems the treadmill works well for that.

I call it a fartlik 3x 1 mile hill workout as I sped to a kick at the end of each mile and also increased the intensity each mile.

mile 1 @ 10% grade 4 speed 9:41 pace (9:16 kick)

400 recovery walk at 10% grade and 3 speed

mile 2 @ 10% grade 4.5 speed 9:07 pace (8:30 kick)

400 recovery walk 10% grade 3 speed

mile 3 @ 10% grade 4.8 speed 8:56 pace (8:13 kick)

800 recovery walk 10% grade 3 speed.

3 miles hill @ 27:44 --- 9:16 average pace
1 mile recovery

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