Friday, March 13, 2009

sprint work


Sprint work tonite, I was not sure I felt up to it as the brain only tells you what it doesn't want to do at times and it didn't want to run fast and breath hard after last nights hill workout.

To start it off I ran an easy 1 mile (just to fool the brain into thinking it was going to be easy) The mile went well and the brains guard was surely down.

I set up for sprints and decided on 4-8 200s at around a 7 minute pace. Not too hard yet still speed work. I kept the grade at 5% and was ready to go....The first one went haywire somehow and I only ran it in 1:03 a very slow 7:42 pace with a pitifull kick of 8:16

I decided to speed up a bit on the second and did a .13 @ 56 seconds (6:52 pace)
This was much better and I was actually feeling pretty good. I started watching a Clint Eastwood movie and got my brain off the sprints.

Because I was feeling good, I decided to speed it up a little and do 14x200 with a 100 recovery. I somehow lost count and did only 13. Still I was happy with the results. I finished with a 1 mile easy and then a .75 cooldown walk.

1 mile easy 5% grade 4 speed 9:32 pace

14x200 sprints with 100 recovery between (5%grade 6-7 speed).
1.----.13@1:03 ---(7:42p-&-8:16 kick)
2.----.13@.56 ----(6:52p-&-6:53kick)
3.----.14@.57 ----(6:45p-&-7:16kick)
4.----.13@.56 ----(7:15p-&-6:38kick)
5.----.12@.50 ----(6:41p-&-6:37kick)
6.----.12@.51 ----(6:39p-&-6:25kick)
7.----.12@.52 ----(6:52p-&-6:25kick)
8.----.13@.53 ----(6:45p-&-6:31kick)
9.----.13@.53 ----(6:51p-&-6:33kick)
10.---.12@.50 ----(6:34p-&-6:52kick)
11.---.12@.45 ----(6:12p-&-6:04kick)
12.---.12@.46 ----(6:17p-&-6:08kick)
13.---.12@.45 ----(6:12p-&-6:42kick)--got quite tired at the end of this one.

1 mile @5% grade and 5 speed 9:08 pace

Overall 5.75 miles total

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RunninRob said...

Wow, you are going to be in great shape when Pineland Farms rolls around! Keep it up! I feel like I am that Oldsmobile in the back 40 that has grass grown up through the engine block, and it'll be a miracle just toeing the line in Maine on Memorial Day. Meanwhile you are training like mint muscle car! :-)