Friday, March 6, 2009

This week BLA..BLA..Bla

Wednesday and thursday were very similar runs as I decided to step back from the speed work for recovery and also because I plan a long X-country run this weekend.
Last weekend I did 2.5 hours and plan at least that or 3 hours if the timing (and weather) works my way.

I am all fired up after watching the fatass video from last weekend and kick myself for not finding a way to be there. Perhaps I will shoot some video this weekend.

I was set up to do the Rover 5k but it just isn't going to fit my schedule by the fact that the race is at 11am. I hope someone enjoys my T-shirt!!


3.1 mile run 5% grade and 5-6 speed (Training run) 27:17 8:49 pace
.5 mile cooldown


3.1 mile run 5% grade 5.5-6.5 speed (training run) 26:01 8:22 pace (7:12 kick)
1 mile easy run 5% grade 4.4 speed 9:46
.5 mile cooldown walk.

I hope to get one more run in before the long trail run Sunday .....we will see how it goes.

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