Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Is Feeling Good


Geared up for another road run today. The weather was quite nice, about the same temp as yesterday but with out the chilly wind. I decided to do two loops of a 3.2 course which has four good size rolling hills (end of mile 2, beginning of mile 3) various grades, half tar, half dirt.

Though I did not stop between loops I did hit my splits to compare. I ran the second loop 36 seconds faster than the first probably mostly due to a good speed up and kick at the end.

I ran tempo but still a couple steps down from race pace. Though I did work extremely hard on the hills. I felt great through the whole run....very strong and in control of my breathing. Suprisingly much more comfortable than yesterday.

There is no doubt in my mind that actually running compared to treadmill is a huge step up in training. I ran much harder the last two days yet It didn't "feel" as difficult as running a slower pace on the treadmill. Also, my legs did not feel as tired.

I think part of the reason is that you can adapt and settle in when actually running, but with the treadmill you are chasing the pace of the track and it dictates your speed not allowing you to settle in or adjust strides as conditions change.

I felt so good at the end of my 6.3 run that I jumped right into a mile cooldown that was more like a continuation of the run as far as pace and heart rate goes. The whole workout felt great!

first loop 26:00 (8:15 PACE)
second loop 25:24 (7:58 PACE)

6.3 miles, ....51:24.....8:10 average pace....150 av HR, 160 max
9:02....7:53..hills..8:20...8:13....7:59..hills..7:52....7:07.... 6:58 kick

Cooldown run 1 mile 8:54 pace 143-146 heart rate.

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Drusy said...

yeah, I like running outside far more than on the treadmill. The worst part of the treadmill at my gym is that you face into a mirror. ARG, that's just more than I can bear for more than about 10 min!