Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old Fashion workout


Yesterday I drove down to my brother in-laws in Massachussetts for Thanksgiving dinner and to pick up a load of lumber. He is a farmer, a pilot (private), A plane inspector/mechanic, A boiler tech by trade and he has his own portable lumber mill.

The start of my day was at 4:30 Am and heading south for Mass. Then a workout of loading this huge pile of lumber, having a great dinner and heading back to maine.
I pulled into the yard at 7:30 Pm and honestly was a very tired soul after driving in holiday traffic for 6 hours.

Friday morning my son and I began the job of unloading this lumber by hand and stacking it in the garage to keep it dry for the winter. The steady rain did not help matters much and we only got about half of it unloaded before we gave up and went inside to dry off.

My muscles and bones could feel the workout as this wood is still green and quite heavy. By evening I finally convinced myself that reguardless of my body screaming in agony, I had to get in a run. So my son and I took off with my little head lamp shinning the way and kicked off a fairly fast 2.5 mile run.

I can't believe how much better my whole body felt! The run was just what I needed and the fresh air gave me a second wind. I marveled at how tough I was, loading, driving, unloading and still getting a run it......that is until Saturday morning when my body almost refused to roll over ...never mind get up.

I fought the stiff muscles and threw my body out of bed anyway. Funny, when I was younger I would have done twice as much and still jumped out of bed for more. I decided the only smart thing to do was suit up for an early morning run....it would either rejuvinate me or finish me off.

It worked! I came back from my 5 mile run feeling ready to tackle the rest of the lumber. I rolled my son out of bed and we stacked the rest of the wood. I was feeling pretty manly as we unloaded and told my son I would probably do an afternoon run with him but when the wood was finally done I wimped out. I had very little energy left. I watched as he ran down the driveway...I felt odd not going.

Now I am ready to just veg out and the wife decides we need to take the son and my daughter out for supper and shopping.....what! I didn't remember saying Ok but the next thing I knew, I was ordering a beer and some Italian meal. By the time I rolled into bed, I felt like I had just finished a gym workout marathon. I remembered muscles I had long ago forgot about....Oh they are still there.

Sunday morning I felt a little lame but actually not that bad so.....my normal Sunday run was not cancelled (even though I was sure it would be when I climbed into bed last night) My son and I pulled off a hilly 8 miler to be pretty proud of ...well considering the circumstances and the fact that he was just jogging along.

2.5 miles (night) 7:56 pace with 6:10 kick
5 miles easy....9:47 pace
av hr 141...max 156
8 hilly miles 8:59 pace (starting @9:10 p and ending @ 8:22 pace)
av hr 147 .. max 161

I will rest Monday.

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