Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fatigue Recovery Run


My battle plan was to run 5 miles on the treadmill with fatigued legs from yesterdays trail run. I set the speed on a little too fast to walk which is a little too slow to run comfortably. Thus I would workout different muscles than the trail run and practice a walk/run combination to simulate a fatigue body during distance running.

In theory in sounds real good.....honestly I don't know if it is good training or not. I mixed up at a ratio of about 3 to 1, running three times as long as walking and had the incline on 5%.

I actually worked up quite a sweat and felt like I accomplished a good workout. I started out with soft feeling legs, sore ankles and tight calfs. At the end of five miles, I felt loose and the ankles were fine.

The rest of the day I was busy with various activities and my legs felt fine. It seems the workout did help with fatigue recovery.

I thought of this type of training because I trained with only running for the 25K and ended up with cramps and tight quads in the last 5 miles because of walking. I didn't train for any walking what so ever and I think that was a mistake.

My sites are set on my first 50k in May and I plan on mixing in plenty of walk combo training for it.

5 miles treadmill
5% grade at 4 speed
12:21 average pace.

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Trail Monster Running said...

I see that you just signed up for the 50k. Congratualtions!