Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kinda Speed Work

Grass roof is a good insulator....


Treadmill night ...if this keeps up my entries will be even more boring. Again I kept the incline at 5% grade and ran a tempo style speed run of 3.1 miles.

As a cooldown 1 mile at an easier pace and finished with a mile at an even slower pace but with 5 lb hand weights to work on upper body

5K @ 25:13 (8:09 pace)
1st 8:17
2nd 7:48
3rd 7:23

1 mile cool 9:54 pace.
1 mile w/ weights

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middle.professor said...

Instead of running with weights, I wonder if you could use ski (or nordic walking) poles while on a treadmill? (I know, I know they have machines specifically for that...