Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Easy workout


Sunday is usually my long run day and as many know I don't like to be predictable. So after the tough full body workout yesterday on the trails, Though I had tired muscles, I felt I needed to work them some. I decided to run easy on the tread mill.

So I turned on a movie and proceeded to run a fairly easy pace while watching a show. It was actually quite nice, I only wore racing shorts and my new Trail Monsters singlet. I probably looked quite funny all dressed as a racer but leisurely
jogging with no cares what so ever.

I watched Spiderman 2 which is quite eventfull so I felt even lazier than normal jaunting along on the treadmill. Spiderman is being thrown against a buiding and I am ....La..lala...lala....ing ever so easy and comfortable....I almost laughed out loud.

I kicked off 5 miles and I felt great! No tightness, no fatigue...almost invigerated...actully I felt ready to suit up and get in my long run afterall... Of couse it only took seconds for me to talk myself out of that foolish idea and instead, I slowed the tread down even more and worked out with 5 lb hand weights at the same time.

It actually is a pretty good workout to walk fast or jog slow while using hand weights...kind of a whole body workout. So I finished the movie, took a shower and felt great all day! It feels so good to know your workout is behind you and the whole day is ahead of you.

I didn't rush around, I went to my daughters and put some plastic up on her windows then went to my son's and helped (showed) him put some plastic on his windows, ate some lunch and settled in for the Patriots game...which they won....so overall a very good day.

Next week is going to be somewhat diferrent as I won't have much time to run...I figure it will be a step back week and probably kick off a couple long runs on the weekend. Problem with my job is I still have to get a weeks worth of work done in three days........at least then I have four days off.

5 miles 5% incline @10:30 pace
25 minutes fast walking with hand weights
lazy the rest of the day


Jamie said...

Enjoy the somewhat of a recovery week. I gotta get me one of dem treadmill thingies.

Pathfinder said...

One thing I do like about it in the winter, is It has a 400 meter track feature so sprint intervals are a good workout option inside as sprint speed is dificult on ice and snow.

Not quite the same as outdoor track but it works.