Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trying to catch up.


After finishing my last minute shopping, which I seem to have plenty of each year, things finally slowed down and I snuck down stairs for some time alone and a short run. It was dark and the Christmas eve traffic was still quite steady. I figured running on the road was just plain flirting with injury.

I ran elivated on the treadmill (again) as this seems to be my norm lately. I guess psycologically it convinces my brain that I working as hard as running outside. Not quite, by it is more difficult with the track elevated.

5 miles (51:12)
5% grade, 3.5-4.5 speed
10:13 pace

Ran/walk a one mile cooldown and went upstairs feeling like I wasn't a dead beat after all. Nope not in the lazy catagory this day.

I got thinking after watching the weather forcast, the predicted change over to rain tonit could be devistating to my son's portable garage next door and the snow has not been cleaned off the roof.

This gave me the opourtunity to throw on the snow shoes and hit the deep snow. I treaked through the field carrying my roof rake....OK, not really a roof rake but more like a car scraper with along handle. This also gave me the chance to wear my headlamp as it was quite dark out. The short trip was lots of fun and reminded me of how much I like hitting the woods and snowshoeing.

I was suprised when I started pulling snow off. The was over three feet of snow and the roof was sagging. I am so glad I decided to clean it off. I fear it would not have been standing on Christmas day. Who wants a colapsed roof for Chrismas?
Well it is true that it was not really my responsibility and my son should have been cleaning it off. I can't say I wasn't looking for a reason to trek through the snow.


My youngest son has been running everyday for 99 days. He surely was not going to let his current flu/cold/feeling absolutely horrible,from running his 100th day. Now I was feeling about twenty pounds heavier than yesterday and could think of a dozon reasons not to run this night, but being a caring dad, I could not let my sick son trot off into the night by himself.

I suited up, put on my headlamp and off we went for an easy short run. I felt quite uncomfortable during the first mile but started setting in good and though quite winded and anxious to see my mailbox, I was so glad I went for a run. I felt much better and now had an excuse to eat anoth piece of pie and suck down a hot coffee.

2.5 miles @ 7:50 pace
no kick at the end just a sigh of relief.

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Sparkplug said...

Wow! A 100-day running streak. That's pretty impressive. Good for him! And good for your for joining him :-)