Monday, December 22, 2008

Careful what you wish for


Saturday morning, 8 degrees outside and a fresh coating of snow....I figured about 8 or 9 inches. How could I not go for a run? I left the house around 7:00 Am and I found the world pretty much undesturbed. I ran about 3/4 mile down the road to one of my favorite trails.

I found the trail running fairly tough as the fresh snow covered up every imperfection of the ground. I felt as if I hit all the uneven spots and worried a little about twisting my ankle...but I didn't.

I wore my "spring cleats" which are similar I think to Yaks, even though I have not seen a pair of Yaks, by description I think they are. They worked quite well and I didn't slip around much at all. I had no problem with them coming off my Northface Gortex trail runners like they did last year on my Nike runners.

I wore water proof sox with the trail runners and my feet didn't get wet at all. I did however have a problem with snow getting into my shoes and creating a very uncomfortable situation.....I needs some gaters.

Also I found the sox were causing hot spots and worried about blisters. Luckily I didn't really run long enough to get any. I passed two spots were deer tracks crossed the trail so I guess I wasn't first out this morning. I didn't see any deer though.

The running in soft fresh snow was quite tiring and the footing dificult. This reflects the slower pace in my second mile. By mile three I settled in much better and my pace quickened. Though only a short run, it was a fairly good workout.

I increased the value of the workout by shoveling the steps, walkway and pertinant areas before plowing. Overall a good workout but a little warmer temp would have been nice.

3.8 miles @39:52
average pace 10:29
141 av heart rate 166 max

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RunninRob said...

Aren't those runs the best! I ran Saturday and Sunday as the snow continued to fall, great times! No cars, no people, no noise, just the snow covered road, my trail shoes, and winter on full blast. I am glad I am keeping the beard for as long as I possibly can!