Thursday, December 11, 2008


A picture speaks a thousand words......this is how I felt last night.


A month ago I ordered two loads of crushed gravel for the rental house next door. The drivway had finally sunk to a new low (literally) and the combination of standing water and clay based soil created a very new and mucky substance.

For some reason the guy I ordered it from came up with multible excuses as to his failure to drop off my gravel. As time went on the weather became colder I felt my window of opourtunity was closing fast.

Honestly, I kind of forgot about it until he called yesterday to inform me that both loads of gravel (28 yards) were sitting in the middle of the driveway. My visions of a wet soaked gravel not only being in the way of the vehicles parking but freezing if left overnight got the best of me and I left work early.

I guess best laid plans are meant to be disrupted as my plow truck, which was the mechanism I planned on using to level this gravel was gone when I got home. My son had planned on putting new snow tires on it for plowing this winter and as Murphy's law simply states, he picked this day to do it.

I slipped on a hat and raincoat, grabbed a shovel and rake then proceded to attempt leveling this huge mountain of wet material. I knew I would have help when the plow truck arrived but that would not be until 5:30 or so and it would be plenty dark by then.

I couldn't take the chance that Murphy would frig things up any further so I started the task without the truck with hopes that I could get it done. I managed to level approximately 8 yards of this heavy stuff when my son pulled in. I was so happy to see that truck!

We scurried down to my house and mounted the plow. I finally got the whole thing leveled and I must say, that even though I had a plow truck instead of a bulldozer, the driveway came out quite the ground could freeze all it wants to.

Needless to say, after working all day then shoveling 8 yards of heavy wet gravel, the picture above easily protrays my energy level as I finally ate supper. I guess this would qualify for cross training! YOU THINK!


Dan said...

My back is aching just thinking about this!

Running and living said...

I think it counts as crosstraining for a couple of days, wait, a couple of weeks!