Friday, December 19, 2008

My Snow Shoes Keep Staring At ME

December 18
As I ran the four miler,I could feel the cold breeze lapping against my face and the smell of the cold fresh air freezing the tiny hairs as it passed through my nose. Fluttering snow flakes trying hard to change my outer apearance wanting more than ever for me to be white.

These are the thoughts that rambled through my mind as I stared at my lonely pair of snowshoes hanging on the cellar wall. Oh how I long for a nice long quiet treck through the woods. Again it's a boring treadmill run but I shouldn't least I am getting a run in.

I can hardly hold back my excitement as I make a guarded promise to my snow shoes.......a big storm this weekend ...yes huge. As a matter of fact, snow Friday night and Sunday too. A smile grows and my spirits are lifted. Yes Satuday morning is not far away. My wife is working and I am not.....there is nothing stopping me from putting on a bunch of layers and hitting the trails or roads or snow...whatever, I will be there.

I am thinking of putting screws in a pair of my older shoes...plenty have done it and it seems to be a good option. I do have a pair of Yaks...well they are not that name brand but very simiar. They are a bunch of stainless steel springs runing in a criscross pattern held on the shoe with a rubber a bungy I guess. These work quite well but are a little slipery on tar or hard surfaces and they tend to come off if pushing off while running and getting too much traction.

treadmill 5% grade, 5 speed
4 miles 9:49 pace


Drusy said...

Whew! That looks like really HARD work! And I complain about a little rain here? Good luck!

Dan said...

I bet you took them out for a run this weekend!

middle.professor said...

Great picture!