Friday, December 5, 2008

Rock and Roll

Last January, I ran the P F Chang's rock and roll half marathon with my daughter. She was living in Arizona at the time and we flew out there for the race. It was by far the biggest race I have ever run. About 20,000 runners for the half alone.

Now that winter is closing in, the thought of that race enters my mind. The bands playing each mile, the hundreds of spectators, the contentment of watching my daughter experience not only her very first race but one that is very eventful and exciting.

I had so much fun then and as I ran on the treadmill yesterday the thought keep rolling through my mind. I should make it a point to travel somewhere very warm every winter and run.....just for a little break in the hectic schedule.

Last night my plans of getting a run in was shattered by more car repairs for my kids and the furnace in the rental house quitting....instead of running a few miles, I'm cleanning furnace nozzles.

So to fight back I got up at 3:00 this morning and kicked off 2.5 miles before leaving for work. It actually was quite refreshing and I might consider doing it a couple times a week. Though maybe getting up a little earlier so I can get it at least 3 miles.

This week so far has ben such a since Monday;

Tuesday: 3.5 miles on the treadmill ....boring but warm
Wednesday: Funeral
Thursday: car repairs and furnace
Friday (morning): 2.5 miles @ 8:20 pace

I better get some running in this weekend.......Oh, did you notice that ponch hanging on to the front of me in the picture? No wonder why I run so slow....I have got to lose that blubber...and soon!

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Dan said...

It must have been great running with your daughter. I've tried to get my two girls to run but I don't think they like to sweat much.