Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Track Practice


Decided to tone down the workout tonite after the two intense runs in the last two days. A 10 mile hill run on Sunday and a 6 mile x-country run at Bradbury. The ham is still uncomfortable and I don't want to pull it. Plus my legs are a little tired.

First we stretched and did form work (which is actually a warmup run) Then off to the stairs and grass hill. 10 sprints up the stairs (two at a time) then 8 hill sprints at max.

I am in group two for the workout which was supposed to be 95% of most current mile time. For me that would be about 6:50 or 1:44 400s. The workout is 400-800-400 at 95% with 100 jogs then revovery and two more sets.

I moved back to group three and ran 90% of current time trial. Averaging 1:50 400s. Instead of jogging the 100, I just jogged until the heart rate was down to 120 (which ended up being a little shorter than 100 meters)

I maintained well through out and picked it up to 98% on the last lap (6:41 pace).
I felt real good at the end and could have run anouther set. The ham didn't bother and my legs felt pretty good...a short .25 cooldown then home.

I felt pretty good about this workout and realized after that I made the right decition. Running at the 95% would surely have worked against me. I will not be running for at least three days as I have surgery on Friday....might do an easy run Saturday and will probably do a long run Sunday.

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