Monday, June 9, 2008

long hot run


Didn't end up running yesterday....still sore from surgery...did get the pool all cleaned up though.

Biked to Yarmouth this morning 3.96 miles. Met up with Amanda (my daughter) to show her the Pat's 5 mile loop which she will be running in July. We decided to do the loop twice so it would double as a long run of 10 miles.

First loop went well, we started pretty slow and settled in good. As usual the mile 4 trail took the most out of the legs. We finished the first 5 in 49:17. She felt pretty good and was happy with her run so far.

Had a drink then hit the road for the second loop. This was obviously tougher for her as our pace was close to the same but she was tired from the first 5 miles. She complained of being tired in the 3rd mile but felt better as I remined her it was actually mile 8.

Finished the 2nd loop quite strong and was very close to the first loop at 49:32. we biked back to her place then I biked home. The biking worked out well as It was my warm up/ cool down. Though I actually worked pretty hard on the way home. 15-26 mph and lots of hills.

The day was already quite hot but that didn't bother me much as I jumped in the pool as soon as I got home and that cooled me off quickly. Spent the rest of the day around....and in the pool...

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