Thursday, June 19, 2008

tough deciding

June 18

Didn't do track on Tuesday because my wife bought tickets for the Jimmy Buffet night at the Seadogs game. I rushed home, changed into the required Hawaii shirt, grabbed my raincoat and off we went.

Paid $5.00 for parking, got a free seat cusion, bought beer and fries for us -----big bucks!! --- then wiped the water off our seats and sat there in the rain waiting for the band to play and the game to start.

The band didn't play and the game was least we watched part of the Sox game on the we got soaking wet and didn't even show off our shirts......I guess I should have gone to track.

Last night I was unsure what to run. I missed the speed workout Tues so I figured I should work on some kind of speed..At the same time I wanted to get at least 5 miles in.....a good choice would have to race at Back Bay but I left work too late....

I ran a 5 mile race pace at 150 to 170 Hr. The first mile was horrible. I had hoped to be somewhere in the 7:30-7:40 pace but struggled around 8 minute. My legs were tired and heavy, my breath was very heavy. You would think I was racing at 7 minute pace or something.

I must be still recouping from the race Sunday. After mile two and the big Greely road hill, I started feeling a little more settled. Now that I think about it, I have been starting my runs slower as I trained for the 25K trail race and the 6 mile trail. That is probably why I felt so labored in the beginning of this run.

By mile 3 my pace picked up (for the same heart rate) and I was running sub 8...this set my mind at ease a little. By mile 4 I was hugging 7:40 pace which is still slower than I want for the LL bean 10K, but at least I was closer.

I finished strong and kicked at 6:10 pace. Overall a pretty good run. What it tells me is that I better get some solid workouts going if I plan to PR Pat's 5 miler. I am surely not in the shape I need to be for that.

I think I will have to speed some of my runs up to get me used to that race feeling of breathing on the edge of death!! Otherwise I think I will be disapointed with my finishes.

I thought that the trail running would step me up noticably when running on flat sufaces like the road. I sure didn't feel in shape on this run. I felt better during the 6 mile scuffle race and my heart rate was in the same range.

I still can'r figure why I struggle so hard to run better and faster....I can't come anywhere near the speed I was running in 2003 before I broke my ankle. Since then, I have not been able to get back in that kind of shape.Of course it didn't help that each year since then I have had some major set back and required surgery.
Now I am sceduling surgery in August for a bone graph (no running for 6 weeks)and then again in October for implants.....(no not those kind....for teeth), then 3 - 4 months later they mount the actual teeth.

I can't believe it is taking so long for this process. My accident was last September and by the time they replace the teeth completely, it will be around February.

Perhaps next year I can concentrate on just running and get some better times or maybe I just will never be that fast again as I am on the down hill from 50 and the body doesn't usually become stronger.

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