Friday, June 13, 2008

Speed is work


Track workouts are tough. Our workout tonite is gruesome.. 3 sets of 2x800 at 95% of our mile time. 200 jog between 800s and 200 recovery between sets. This may not sound difficult until one actually shows up on an extremely hot muggy night and starts running.

As usual, when I arrived and started my warmup run of a mile or so, I felt tired and slow. My legs were heavy and breathing labored. I found myself wondering how I was going to accomplish the workout if I couldn't even warmup comfortably.

My left ham is bothering a little (still!) so I decided to step back and start in group three (7:30 pace) But ended up running group 2.5 7-7:30 pace. There were only two of us in that group. Me and dan C.

I figure about 3:30-3:40 800s would put me aroung the 95% of my mile time (6:38) and give me 7 minute splits. Coach Bob said to be around our 5K pace with I figure is 7:15 -7:20 at this time.

I decided to do my workout in more of a perceptial way along with Heart rate. 95% of my max is 169 so I used that as a cap. I ran all my 800s in the 160-171 range so I guess I did ok.

Though I slowed down some through the workout, I managed to do 6:53 pace overall. This is good and actually a little faster than I planned. Overall I felt pretty good about this workout and realized this is the first time I cracked 170 heart rate, so good effort.

After the tough workout we had to run stairs and hills. This bothered my left calf some and it cramped slightly. Because of that, I only ran a quick quarter lap cooldown. Don't want to have tight muscles for the Bradbury Scuffle.

I plan to do a cross country run Thursday nite to prep dfor Sunday.


Left calf was tight and sore all day. decided not to run and wondered about biking or swimming. I couldn't convince myself that either would be a real benifit at this point so instead I went out for pizza and beer with the wife.....funny how one can rationalize huh?

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