Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bradbury X-C Scuffle course


Went to Bradbury Mountain after work to run the 6 mile Scuffle course. I know it is probably crazy as I ran the 10 miler "hill" run Sunday and will be running track Tuesday but I needed to get a couple runs in at this course before the race in a couple weeks.

It was a pretty hot start and I did not know what to expect when I shoved the map in my pocket and crossed the street. The first thing I encountered is the wonderfull smell of cooking meat. Damn that aroma was mouth watering.

I turned right as I entered the woods and hoped I didn't run into a bunch of bikes as there were many getting ready for a ride as I crossed the street.

The trail was similar to twin brooks with a few narrower spots and more obsticles. I had trouble following the map but continued running. Somehow I took some wrong turns and got off course.

It didn't matter much as I was merely trying to get in a 10K and experience the trail conditions. I was quite surprised that there were not many bugs...I'm sure it's not because I was running too fast.

I did follow a very rocky rough trail down hill and as I ran down I felt glad that I wasn't running up this terrain. Then I hit what I think was Libby road and the end of the trail. I turned around and labored back up the "cliff"

I rambled around the trails for a few more miles and actaully enjoyed the twists and turns of this course. The first 2 miles seemed hard as my legs were just plain dead, I felt slow and tired. After 2 miles though, I started settling in and feeling better.

Finally some speed started coming and I was enjoying the run. It was more difficult finding solid footing and not hitting things as I ran a faster pace. I started getting fatigued around 5 miles and found it much harder to miss the obsticles.

I tripped a few times but luckily did not fall. I will have to pay more attention near the end of the race when I am tired. I got completely dis-oreontated and found I was running the wrong direction...away from the start area.

Somehow I ended up on Ragan trail. At this point I was at 6.2 miles so I stopped and studied the map. Once I figured out where I was I ran my cooldown back to the road.

I enjoyed this run and hope to get one more in before the 15th. I don't plan on a very fast time, because of the technical aspect of this course. I am thinking around 10 minute pace. We will see.

6 miles 59:05 (9:50 pace)
My Garmen had problems with signal but the Heart Rate worked
150 average with 164 peak.

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