Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bad/Good news


I received Bad/ good news yesterday....... Finally something is happenning with my teeth and jaw. I went to the oral surgeon and we have scheduled next Friday to remove all the tooth fragments from the accident.

About 6 weeks after that, they will schedule surgery to remove bone from my hip and graft it to my jaw. This will create enough bone to support the implants. The graft will have to heal for a few months then they will put in the "base" inplants. That will have to heal for a few months then the teeth are placed on the base.

All good the bad? Well after the surgery removing bone from the hip, I can't run for at least 6 weeks. That will be scheduled sometime in the end of June/ first of August. I have scheduled races including the B To B so I will have to see how the schedule affects the races.

I will probably get to run the B to B, but probably not much racing after that for a while and surely not enough training to do the October Marathon (which I was toying with doing).

SO....another fall with interference.....I feel I will never get to have a solid year...........I guess time will tell.

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