Monday, May 19, 2008

taper this weekend


Ran with Amanda this morning.. figured it would work perfectly as she is trying to step up her runs and I am starting to taper for pineland 25k.

We ran the 5 mile pit was her first time as she usually only runs the 5k loop. It was a perfect morning and the run was very peacefull.

Amanda kept up very well and I let her lead a bunch of times ot see how she was handling pace. We ended up at around 8:30-8:40 pace which is quite good for her on trails.

It is so much fun to share these types of traffic....nothing to worry about other than tress, branches, rocks, sticks, water and the occasional animal

I will probably not run tomorrow.....that is going to feel strange!

Worked on tearing down the old garage next door with Matt and Nate....then went swimming for the first time this was 61 degrees....that cooled me off quick...the water was crystal clear..just a little junk on the bottom..I will vacuum again tomorrow. No one else joined me...wonder why?

I am still worried about the 25K ....still some soreness in the left upper hamstring from track running.....I think I have re-avaluated my estimated time to be 10-11 minute pace. Seems slow when I write it down! I have never run a race that slow before. But I also have not run a cross country race longer than 5k before.

We will find out next weekend.

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