Thursday, May 29, 2008

easy run


First run since Pineland trail challenge. The legs felt good at the start with just a little discomfort in the left ham. I decided to do the pit loop trail with hitting the right side hill twice.

At first I was worried about the quads and calfs because my legs felt tired, but once I warmed up I had no problems. I figured I would pick things up as I went along and see how things felt as far as a kick at the end.

The trail running felt great and I kept pushing the Heart rate to a peak of 169 without any problems in the legs. I think I have re-couped well from the 25K. My ham is still a little sore and it surprises me that it did not bother during Pineland.

My pace for the 3.5 mile loop ended up @ 8:16 and I am pretty happy with that. I only got extremely winded during the last half mile with I pushed the pace to 7:03 with a slight kick.

I figure to have two runs this weekend. One at Bradbury running the 6 mile Scuffle course and then a long run of at least 8-10 miles.

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