Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend runs


This will be different as I ran my long run Friday instead of this weekend. Ran the Gloucester hill loop at pineland. This is the first time I ran the whole loop of 4 miles then turned around and ran reverse plus 1 mile to make 9.

It seemed the reverse should have been easier but I guess I didn't notice how many downhills I ran on the first loop. This will be the part of the course at the end of the 25K so it was good to run it and know what is in store.

I actually planned on a 10 mile run tonite but ended up 9 XC and 1 mile cooldown on the road. The run was quite tiring but I feel that finishing the 25K will be no problem......getting a good time..well that is a different story.

I keept most of this run in the 145-155 Hr range with some peaks on the hills. This will be the pace I should be able to maintain on during the race so I guess my pace should be around 10 minute. This makes it about 2:35 to 2:40 as the time to shoot for.

If the weekend goes well, I should be able to get in a short run...possibly Sunday.


Great early morning run....about 7:15 am and I was lame and sore. I knew a run was what I needed so I ran a quickie at the pit loop rim. this is about a 5k and I started quite easy at 9:27 pace, picked up the second mile to 8:57 and the third to 7:54......finished with a kick at 5:42.

The whole run felt great though it was a little cold to start out. I love the pit rim loop it is one of my favorite XC runs and ending on the road allows me to get in a good solid kick at the end. I had a lot to do this day so I was glad to start it off with a run.

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