Thursday, May 8, 2008

1st time trial


Greeley track for time trial. I was quite disappointed as the high school was deep in practice when I arrived. It seemed that they owned the track and I had no right to interrupt their social sessions as they stood on the track and talked. There was mostly in field practice of Jav, high jump and disc, going on. Only two kids practicing sprints. I had to constantly negotiate around uncaring bystanders in the first two lanes.

Besides that the workout was tiring. I felt a little slow I was a step behind...never really got into any type of comfortable grove or zone. My left hip became sore as I ran and as a result, I ran my cool down reverse direction.

My warm up was 1.5 miles at 8:09 pace (included a lot of weaving around people)
Time trial felt labored and I was a little disappointed with the time. My pace was 6:38 (on the garmen) but 6:48 on the nike....not sure why they were so far off. Apparently I didn't start them very well. The garmen showed an accurate distance so I went with that time.

After the time trial I did 4x400 at 10 second pickup per lap and apr. 200 meter walk between laps (down to 120HR) my splits were 2:04, 1:49, 1:40, 1:33.

1 mile cool down @ 8:27 pace then .5 walk to settle HR to 96, stretched and quit.

I am not that comfortable with the workout....quite tired after and my leg muscles feel dead this morning. I started having some pain in my left hip and ran the cool down in reverse as I felt it was from the circle running. Still sore this morning.

I don't usually run on Wednesdays so that may account for the dragging feeling.

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