Wednesday, March 12, 2008

time for speed

I started speed workouts last night. Not that I haven't had some speed work in my schedule already but more like a dedicated night to speed rather than Tempo. I started with a 1 mile warmup and shifted right into a ladder of 200-400-800-400-200 all @#4 incline and #8 speed on the tread mill. My splits were around 6:45 mile pace. My recovery was 45 second jog on #5 between intervals.

I then ran a 1. mile pickup starting at #5 speed and ending on #9 for the last .1. I was feeling so good, I ran an extra .1 on #9. Then I finished with a mile cooldown. The whole workout totalled 4.9 miles and I quit knowing I had more left in me.

This is a good workout for my first real speed of the season. Next week I will start running outdoors during the week as the daylight savings time has given me the window of daylight I need.

I am in high hopes of hitting the trails this weekend for a long run and trying out my new 103's
Sure will be nice to have something a little more water proof. I am a little worried about the flexability though.

Tonite is an rest night, though I may lift a few weights and work on core muscles some.

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