Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally Outdoors

Finally enough daylight during the week to run outdoors. I felt that rush of anticipation as I dressed for the outdoor run. It was nice not having to run on the treadmill. I decided to break in the new trail runners and ran mostly in the ditch.

I did have a problem, the right one kept rubbing under the outside of the right ankle. This is the one I broke in 2004 and I think the ankle is a little wider. Perhaps I can stretch that part out a but as the shoes felt great other than that.

The run started out a little cold but I warmed up pretty quick. The first mile was 8:27 pace and felt good, my plan to pick it up each mile didn't work well though as I hit some large areas of ice on the dirt road that slowed me to almost a walk.

I probably have too much respect for the ice and could have run faster but I can't take a chance getting hurt on a training run. 2nd mile pace was much slower --9:03.....but I didn't fall...

Finally I hit mostly dirt with small patches of ice that I easily manuvered around. The third mile was much better @8:03. Then I picked it up for a .2 mile kick average of 6:15....winded but feeling pretty good.

The nano completely messed up with a reading of 3.7 miles instead of 3.2. I think my stride was affected by the new runners and the ice so that scewed with the nano calibrations. Did cooldown and went home happy...........big helping of pasta for dinner..oh and a beer!!


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