Sunday, March 30, 2008

80 degrees in Fla

arrived and the sun hit us complaints. Friday ran a 5 mile on the beach....very hot but felt good after flying Thursday. My pace was pretty good considering running on sand. 3.1@ 7:45 and 2 mile @ 8:37 with a 1 minute rest betwee.. then a 1 mile walk to cooldown.

Saturday '''''went to the beach again. this time I ran a 5 mile from Clearwater beach back to the mainland....hottest part was crossing the bridge....pretty steep uphill too.....when i gaot back I used a swim as a ciooldown...swam about 1 mile easy but run was only 8:50 pace but I started at 9:10 so I did pick it up on the way back....could have used a nap after that workout..but didn't find time.

I want to work in a long run and actually had hoped for an 8 mile or so, but this 80 degree heat just zaps the energy right outof me.

Today I will only do a 3 or 4 easy I think.....

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