Monday, March 17, 2008

long run

Sunday I ran a long run with Amanda. I was going to do a 12 but she wanted to stay around eight. I figured it would be a good chance for me to do an easy /long run. We did the 8.3 sligo loop. I was her first time and I think she was happy with the workout of that loop..

Just the right mix of distance --hills--flats... she was tired on the long hill at mile 6 but handled the three hills at the end of mile 2 with ease. After the long hill she re-couped very fast and enjoyed the slight downhill to the finish.

I stayed with her to coach and was excited to let loose a little in the last 2 tenths of a mile.
my splits were: 8:57, 8:54, 9:00(hills), 9:07, 9:09, 9:19 (long hill), 9:09,9:02, 8:36 and kick@ 7:10.......felt good.

Amanda was very happy with her splits. My HR was 140 average and 164 at kick.
Garmen was a little off today......because I forgot and left it on general instead of setting it to "run"

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